BobbyPoff, Baby Dillster, and L3GIQN team up to take on the field in the $150,000 Warzone Royal Ruckus Call of Duty Tournament with the biggest names in the game. The tournament format was a 4 hour kill race and the best 5 games count to your score to determine bracket play seedings. This match was from early on day 1 and these guys were really feeling it!

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32 thoughts on “$150K WARZONE ROYAL RUCKUS TOURNAMENT – Modern Warfare: Warzone”

  1. @BobbyPoffGaming I jist found your channel and I really enjoy your play style you are hilarious. I hope you continue to be successful because you crack me up

  2. Always love the L3gendary PoffnDill combo. Keep it up little Bobby. I would come slay y’all but I’m not even good at the game!!

  3. Bobbo my man im following you since Blackout. I enjoyed every single stream and im still doing these days, glad to see how far you went. Pretty sure you will have the fame you deserve! The best in the mf business is ready to send all this dumpsters back to the lobby, love you my man ❤️❤️


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