2014 Ford Escape – Review & Test Drive


Review of the 2014 Ford Escape SE 1.6L EcoBoost. This is a compact SUV, and features a 1.6L turbocharged inline four cylinder, dual overhead cams with intake and exhaust valve timing, front wheel drive, the SE convenience package, a power lift-gate, and MyFord Touch with navigation.

Standard Features Include:
– 17″ aluminum wheels
– Auto halogen headlamps
– Blind spot mirrors
– Dual power mirrors
– Fog lamps
– Keyless entry keypad
– Privacy glass
– 10 way adjustable driver seat
– 60/40 split folding rear seats
– Ice blue lighting
– Cruise control
– Rear view camera
– Remote keyless entry

This video will take a look at the exterior, engine and drivetrain, wheels, tires, suspension, interior, features, as well as a quick test drive and summary of the fuel economy.

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  1. Thanks for the presentation, nice. Very impressed with the 13 escape. Very comfortable and responsive. Ford could have done better with the coolant bottle and battery compartments. Have one with 148 thou miles. Still drives like new. Except one time while doing a turn, i would say sbout 10 to 15 miles an hour, the steering locked. Freaked me out. Pulled over with hard steering. Shut the car down. Restarted and went ahead without any problems. I havent had that problem again. (Knock on wood).

  2. Thumbs down, Wanted to see the back with the seats down to see how much space there was. Reviewers always neglect that. Don't bother watching if that's important to you, he doesn't even do it.

  3. Love the videos, not an annoying voice like some reviews and a lot of things to be learned about functions and products instead of skimming over them. Keep up the good work man, love it.

  4. I bought a 2013 escape se last year and never knew about those vents that open and shut on it. Went to my car started it up, went to the front of the car, and saw the vents open and close. Never would have known had you not done this video.

  5. The Ford escape is very fast as one would least expect. Awesome. !! But
    The music needs work" up grade system an you really got something. 😁😁😉

  6. Now it is early 2019, and I am thinking of buying a used 2014 Ford Escape SE. Any suggestions, advice? How do these things age? Thanks for the review.

  7. Well you can't even get someone to give you a jump with the way that battery is that is the most idiotic place for it I guess whoever was the engineer with that bright idea had one to many Barley pops on his lunch break SMFH.

  8. Good overview of the car. It’s a great car for a driver, however they are a mechanically nightmare! Other than the passenger compartment, this is ones of the worse cars ever. They are incredibly hard to work on, if you do you own work. Tons of little electrical issues, they burn brakes like crazy, forward clutch packs go all the time, driveshafts are non-serviceable and joint only last a few years, and on and on. Oh and the whole lighting on fire thing, yeah they are known for randomly starting the fuel system on fire under the hood. Basically great car from the driver seat, straight down hill after that. Good review, I like your style, too bad it’s a terrible car.

  9. I like your more engineering themed road tests over others which are more consumer orientated. You didn't specifically mention whether it was a DCT or torque converter gearbox although I gathered its the latter from listening carefully. You should explain just exactly what Ecoboost is compared to other turbo engines and examine its benefits and problems. For myself the battery placement is not a big thing – after all how often does it need to be replaced. However, the coolant filler cap position is an example of how one design department is not talking to another and that is a scandal.

  10. I have a 2014 and I had to get it fixed due to a nation wide recall but besides that it works real well .Great for family trip of urban terrain.

  11. I have a 2010 Escape and love it and maintain it myself. thinking of getting a new Escape but i am disappointed by the way this was designed. it does not look like DIY maintenance friendly. Plus i have heard horror stories about Fuel line breaking and causing fires and gumming in the valves as it is a direct injection vehicle.

  12. My wife has a 2016 Escape SE 1.6 Ecoboost. Great vehicle! We average 34mpg on Anchorage runs and city highway mix is 26 mpg. Only issue it could use more power down low, once boosted up it does great, but that first and second gear kind of sucks and for normal driving you have always be at 2500-3400 rpm to keep up with stop and go traffic.

  13. My wife bought one of these 2014 Escape Titanium package.  Personally, I don't like it.  It rides like a horse and wagon and drives like a Mack truck.  It is ok around town, but will not be driven on any trips.  The touch screen controls require you to take your eyes off the road to set the AC or tune the stereo and is very confusing.  I don't like that,. either.  It is going on 3 years old and has only 12,000 miles on it and sits under the car port for weeks on end.  We drive a Chevy conversion van as our main vehicle.

  14. TU:699 / SUBr:838,992———— (Keep up the spot on reviews).
    A 'hater' would have a hard time knocking this vid.

  15. I have a 2005 Escape, and I have the overdrive lock out button on the gearshift. Does the new Escape have the overdrive option, or is that controlled fully by the vehicle now? Do you have any advice regarding the O/D system in the older Escape?
    Great videos by the way! Very informative, and good details.

  16. I really found this car course and rough all around. the interior was chintzy unless you spend 35K on it. I was also under whelmed by passenger space all around.


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