2016 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Test Ride & Review


On my hunt for my next bike and most importantly… a sports bike. I took a 2016 Fireblade out for a test ride to see if it was all that I had hoped it would be.

Join me to see exactly what I thought of it.

I was definitely more than a little over excited on this one so there is significant swearing, giggling and screaming…. Apologies for that.

I’ve put some tech specs for the main headline facts about the bike here in case you are interested:

BHP: 175.7 HP (131kW) at 12,250 RPM
Torque: 82.6 lb ft at 10,500 RPM
Seat Height: 817mm
Curb Weight: 200kg
Ave Fuel Consumption: 51mpg
Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gallons

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  1. Great review! Just what I needed to know to reassure me!! I test rode this same bike (2016 ) & just love the way it makes me feel too!!!! 😃😃😃👍🏍

  2. I've got the 2014 model which I've had from new and still love it to this day. The 2014-16 models are an end of an era. No mod cons or anything fancy, just a slipper clutch and steering damper. And like the one you reviewed, mine hasn't got ABS either. Do I miss any of that stuff which I've had on other motorbikes… No. This machine gives you back whatever you put in and feels so rewarding.

  3. I recently bought a Tri-colour 2016 ABS model and squealed with delight just the same, fantastic bike. Full Yoshi system sounds great, and quick-shifter with Woolwich tune goes like lightning. Welshman in Aus.

  4. Great video, I tested this model back to back with the new blade and I must say the new model is not a £6K better bike. Awesome bike

  5. Welcome to the 1000cc club. I hope you get it. Wanted to suggest Bmw S1000 but you already mention it in the video. I would try the ZX10 before you commit to buy this. Although it may be way sportier than the fireblade.

  6. Another corker of a video and chased away the winter blues. I'll get a test ride on one of these soon. Ride safe!

  7. So much fun. Agree the black one would be a good choice. Yes you can fall in love with a machine, more exciting than most people ;>)

  8. I've only ever ridden one of these on track, and it was a bog standard one, but it was knee down-tastic. if I was getting one of these I'd go for the SP and have those lovely Ohlins bouncers for track day fun, not that the standard suspension leaves much to be desired. in line four screamers, so much fun.

  9. Great vid mate! Think u may be in love! My buddy just picked up a 2015 model with mega low miles for a huge saving on a new one, think he going to use it as a track bike 😜


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