2017 Bentley Bentayga – Review and Road Test


The Bentley Bentayga occupies a category of one among SUVs, at least where cost is concerned. The highest-riding Bentley has been meticulously crafted to indulge and impress but how does it perform as an SUV? Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio ventured into the desert aboard a big, blue Bentayga to find out.

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  1. 7:09
    Micah: “Where sheer cost is concerned the Bentayga occupies a category of one”
    Rolls-Royce: Hold my Dom Pérignon

  2. Not even worth it; doesn't even have 7-8 seats; this SUV could surely provide spacious 7-8 seats. The engine is also very unnecessary; like who NEEDS A V12? I could just ride with a 3.5-L V6! And the fuel economy is TERRIBLE!

  3. It’s not bad looking to me—visually it’s clearly a Bentley—but it doesn’t seem well executed. The rear seat design is a disaster. Where’s the rear seat space? That space looks awful. No one should have to wiggle out of the back seat in a 250k+ suv. I wanted to like it but the bentayga is a swing and a miss

  4. I'm sorry, usually I'm not this picky, but the crappy un-useable sun visors and the reversed 360 view camera are deal breakers in my book. There are vehicles MUCH CHEAPER that have both of these problems fixed. Like if you agree!

  5. For their FIRST SUV , Bentley did a Damn Great Job 😀 I'd still take an SVAtuo Range Rover. But In a decade this will be amazing

  6. This is an insult to people, if you're going to charge that for the same price of a house at least make it a little bit better than a Hyundai Tuscon.

  7. This is really a car for people that want to tell others they have money. This is definitely one of the worst cars you can buy. The engineering on it is obviously half assed.

  8. You're not only have Money to buy this car but you'll have to be short to Drive this car cause sun visor don't come with extend haha


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