These 27 quiz questions and answers will definitely boost your brain power and will make you feel deliciously tired after a nice brain workout:

00:14 – Tricky text riddles to kick-start your riddles.
02:18 – Tricky quiz questions.
These tricky riddles will make you scratch your brain, which is good, because your brain is going to get a nice workout! The quiz questions are actually easy, but most of us are not capable to crack these easy riddles due to our habits of over thinking everything around. Just relax your mind and let the answer fly right into your brain 😆
04:25 – Funny riddles to test your logic and ability to use your logic outside the box!
06:27 – General knowledge question answered in the most fun way!
07:55 – Quiz questions for geniuses only! Kidding, you don’t have to be a genius to answer these fun questions right, but you need to have a turned on brains to solve these brain puzzles!
09:59 – Tricky text riddles – Fun brain games.
Tricky text riddles to puzzle your brain and make you sweat! To find the answers, you will have to rack your brain hard and think outside the box. Actually, everyone fails to solve the riddles, maybe you will be the first?! I left the last quiz questions without the answer, so TELL me YOUR ANSWERS in the COMMENTS. I know you’re smart enough to get it right 😊

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these quiz questions you managed to crack on your own!

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  1. Answer is a human
    Human's life can be divided into 3stages
    First when it is a baby it crawl
    Second when it grows it walks on two legs
    Third when it becomes grand father or grand mother it use a stick to walk
    So when it is baby (morning)
    When it is adult (afternoon)
    When it is grandpa or grandma (evening)

  2. The answer is human…..when it is a baby he crawls 👶then a young man or a woman walks on two legs 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️and then when u get old u need a stick 👴👵👩‍🦯👨‍🦯like if u agree👍🏻

  3. The vid : YOU voice

    Me: u mean YOUR voice

    The vid :👁👄👁

    Me:haha u mest up hahahahaha

    The vid :what ur fav color

    Me :👁👅👁

  4. The myth has it that this is a riddle placed to passers-by by the Sphinx in ancient Thebes, Greece. Those who could not answer were killed. Oedipus answered correctly (the man) and the Sphinx fell from its rock and died, so people could then walk the path freely.


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