3 Methods to Unhide All Sheets in Excel (& how to hide)


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How can you un-hide all Excel sheets at once? Hiding many worksheets at once is easy in Excel. Click on a sheet, hold down the control or the shift key, click on the other sheets you’d like to hide, right-mouse click and select hide.

Now what if you wanted to unhide all the sheets in one go? If you right-mouse click on any sheet name and select unhide – a new window opens with a list of hidden sheets. Unfortunately you can’t use the control key or the shift key to select multiple sheets to unhide. You have to unhide tabs one by one.

Find out 3 methods you can use to un-hide:
1. Use Custom views to quickly unhide all sheets – no Excel VBA is needed here
2. Use the Immediate Window in VBA – type in or copy and paste a very simple macro
3. Save the macro in your Excel personal macro Workbook. You can add a button for the macro to your Quick Access Toolbar so it is available for ALL your Excel workbooks – also the ones that are not macro-enabled (just xlsx).

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  1. Would you like the ability to select which sheets you'd like to unhide? You can download the Excel Unhide Utility for free from the description of this video: https://youtu.be/1wcF-qCSgfI. In the video, I show you how to install it.

  2. I'd love to hear your suggestions on restricting worksheet access (e.g., if an employee or client should not have access to the raw data of a particular worksheet or group of worksheets in a workbook that is being used by multiple people). I've seen some helpful tutorials for the VeryHidden feature but I wonder if there might be a more secure way with password protection. Currently, password protection doesn't seem to stop people from viewing the data (if they unhide the worksheet tab). Thank you for sharing this, your videos are always so helpful! 😀

  3. include more formulas related to construction industry , specially for quantity sirveyors

  4. wow u r the best , ur tutorials are super helpful, the way u present them is wooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. Hi Leila! How Are you? I wonder if you have any tutorial video on how to auto hide rows (which is not selected) based on users selection using drop down list. Only the selected list will appear. Thanks you so much!

  6. Suddenly all my sheets disappeared…. Even the current sheet im working on the Excel Window isnt showing add sign.
    What can i do?

  7. Is it possible to save a personnel function, which can be used in a newly opened xlsx doc? I tried by myself but couldn"t find my function.

  8. How to hyperlink a document through excel and if I change the location of the file then the hyperlink shod be automatically updated can you please guide me that.

  9. This is cool and thank you Leila for always putting out content…Thank you really.I know you may not have time to read this ..But i really appreciate the effort yo put into everything you do…to make this channel value-adding. Thanks

  10. Excellent tip, loved both options, had used the second one first but plan on setting up a personal worksheet, subscribed

  11. Thanks for this, Leila! I liked the third option, creating a custom macro/button to activate it. Not sure why MS wouldn't build in this function into their own software.

  12. I can't figure out how to unhide a password protected sheets. Any ideas? when I right click on a tab, the "unhide" menu option is grayed out.

  13. I love you so much leila gharani i love you enough. you are more beautiful then fairy i love you leila fairy. you should happy i pray for you.

  14. Hi madam
    There are 20sheets hidden , in that i want to unhide selected 5 sheets is there any possibility to make an equation to unhide those 5 seleted sheets

  15. Hi Leila , I get this error : Error-1004 in Excel VBA- Unable to set the visible property of the worksheet class . I have only one sheet that is hidden and the sheets are unprotected. I really need this sheet to be visible ! shall you please please help me ??

  16. Got a problem with the method #2: Once I Wrote the Immediate "for each sh in worksheets: sh.visible=true: next sh

    " it shows ERROR 1004, which does not allows to turn the Very Hidden tabs (2) into Visible (-1).
    Any suggestions?


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