7 Steps to Setting Up a Kickass Trivia Night in Your Bar


7 Steps to Setting Up a Kickass Trivia Night in Your Bar

Looking for a GREAT theme night to help get butts in your seats on a slower night? I show you exactly how we’ve been doing it at my bar here for the past 6+ years.



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  1. My brother has repeatedly tried to start up quiz nights at bars he DJ's at, but he always runs into the same problem; he tries to reinvent the wheel. Rather than going with the Brainstormer format (the standard five person team, ten questions per round with varying categories), he tries these formats that don't encourage people to actually WANT to play. One idea he had was to have people pay a dollar to answer questions, and then line up to answer questions, and the more questions they get wrong the more the pot grows. The problem with that obviously that only one person is engaged in the game. Recently he had the idea of having envelopes and choosing one team to choose an envelope, and then what ever category is in that envelope is the category for that night but they have the option to throw the category back, allowing to skew the game towards a topic they're more knowledgeable in.

    The other problem he has is that his questions are terrible. They're often vague, fields of interests that only he is an expert in, or two specialized, and you have to pain over them for a half hour, and ultimately guess at answer. An example of which "What street in New Haven (where he's from) has the most traffic but no fixed address?". Or something like "What state has the highest percentage of Mexican immigrants?". I've said to him repeatedly you're not trying to trick people, you're not trying to teach them, you're not trying to be the smartest guy in the room. You're trying to test their knowledge. His answer; "I don't like questions you have to know the answer to, I like ones you can kind of figure out". To which I've said you don't want to run a trivia night, you want it be a guessing game.

    He doesn't want to buy the questions because he thinks he knows better, and when writing questions he won't put categories like movie trivia because as he says "I don't know anything about movies". Sorry for the long rant, but if you have any advice on this then his next venture which is coming up soon is just going to fail miserably like they all have.


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