ABANDONED! Kaufmann Mansion! Coaster Spotlight 287 #PlanetCoaster


In the middle of an abandoned village the Kaufmann Mansion is located. But it has differences to the other abandoned buildings. The Kaufmann mansion is haunted by horrible demons and ghosts. So watch out and don’t get caught!
Created by Frosty

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ABANDONED! Kaufmann Mansion! Coaster Spotlight 287 #PlanetCoaster

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  1. Nice coaster, but a couple of things to mention though:
    – I agree with the entrance/exit part Johnny mentioned.
    – the block brake before the sloped brake run is not high enough compared to the end brake run. Maybe make the brake run less sloped, so that a train could actually make it there if it had to stop at the block brake before that.
    – There is a floating support above the entrance

    Apart from those small issues, I think this is a great little coaster for people to put in their parks. (small blueprint, well decorated, good realistic stats, good capacity,…)

  2. Just as it's coming into the station is there a little scene on the right side of the coaster? Looks like a little hidden show area where you're meant to turn and look down.

  3. Dear Jonny I love your videos so much and you inspired me to get planet coaster. Thank you for being so awesome. And don't stop creating incredible content.

  4. Agree on the front area ideas. There's a LOT of wasted space there that could be used for more decoration and an exit instead of entrance. Dark church is okay, but a little bit of spooky mood lighting, fog and crows would enhance the location.


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