Andy Kaufman – SNL


Taking the stage, Andy Kaufman tell jokes, does impressions, gets flustered and finally breaks down in tears before winning over the crowd by creating rhythmic music using his own squeals and a bongo drum. Aired 11/08/75


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  1. Candice obviously didn't know the first rule about presenting a comic, never refer to them as a "genius" or some other superlative, you always understate it a bit or the audience will expect way too much.

  2. And where did he go ? Kaufman often spoke of faking his own death as a grand hoax" "

  3. I swear, the bongo bit at the end is one of the single most hilarious things I've ever seen. It was really weird up to that point – so "alternative", but the bongo bit was comic genius. Also, all the holier-than-thou dropkicks here proclaiming him an unfunny over-rated hack need to open their eyes & widen their narrow perspectives on what comedy is.

  4. People found this funny? I'll take Louis CK, Brian Regan, Robin Williams, Daniel Tosh, Bill Burr, Mitch Hedberg…


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