Angry Thunderbird – Pirate101 Swashbuckler Walkthrough #25


Discovering El Toro and one of the spirit animals.
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  1. what level is his subodai anyway and the final promotion for him is a pain in the butt if u get to the jade part

  2. I have played this game before and I am wondering if it is free to play the whole thing now not just the beginning

  3. You just gotta love El Toro/ Don's get up xD Like the people playing WOULDNT guess already it was him xD Though a tip when ya get 'em, ALLWAYS teach him Blade Storm and repel (well repel MAY not be THAT good for swash since ya get an AOE Walk in Shadow's buff)

  4. I'm in Mooshu on my main Witchdoctor and I don't get half these levels Lol! I had 50-51s mob guys when I promoted Kon Po but I ran into the same mob levels when facing the Amber Horde but in the final boss match the highest was a 45! But when I did Cool Ranch WAY WAY back on my now deleted Privateer (I messed her up too much, knew nothing back then) and there was no fast track at all.

  5. blue Chantal burst fire 2 double tap 2 over watch 3 lui over watch 3 double tap 2 hhmmm I forgot what it was called its not quick adjust its the other one have 2

  6. fans talents should be accuracy dodge agility and riposte 3 relentless 2 blade storm 2 first strike 1 Sarah same thing


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