Asphalt 8 – Mercedes-Benz Biome (610 km/h + McLaren MP4-25 Acceleration) [Alps 32 Racers Infected]


A 10 lap infected race in the Alps using the Mercedes-Benz Biome with Devel Sixteen top speed, mclaren mp4-25 acceleration, biome handling, vulcan drifting, range rover speed modifier, Porsche 959 nitro duration. I forgot to add ford-150 nitro speed, but I think the car is already way too fast xD
Idea suggested by LJ Germain
************Easter Egg!!!!************
This time, I added an easter egg inside the video (it’s not the boo!! on the helicopter). If you’re the first person to find it, my next video will be a race that you suggest. I will also give a shout out to your channel if you want one. Good luck finding it!!
Thanks for watching!

RetroVision & Domastic – SICC
Phantom Sage – Our Lives Past (Ft. Emily Stiles)


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  1. This time, I added an easter egg in the video. If you find it, I'll make my next video based of your race suggestion. I'll also give you a shoutout if you want one. Good luck! (it's not the boo!! on the helicopter)

  2. Hey bob dark , actually i think i found it on my television after 13 times watch it , it on the bridge and it say i am fragile then disappear really fast i think it at 6:03 and lap 9 ( next to the car on the left )

  3. I had the same problem in biome's tire and the bumps but the new update is really good now! so easy to use top1


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