Avengers: Endgame 1/10 Star Lord Iron Studios BDS Art Scale Statue


So awesome to be able to review another high end collectible! These 1/10 BDS Art Scale Statues from Iron Studios are super detailed and it was a pleasure to review Star Lard! I mean.. Star Lord! Thank you to Zavvi for sending him my way!

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  1. Not only did I find my colossal rex I am now a proud owner of the mosa as well. So happy to have these in my collection.

  2. Seems that one of the fire effects from the right leg is broken as there is only one coming from the jet boot. Did it come out the box like that?

  3. Why that's simple Laura is my favorite Super Hero because she's what Legends are made of believe it are not! lol 😉👍

  4. This video came up in my recommendeds twice now and both times I thought it was a review of Endgame and you rated it 1/10. FYI.

  5. Fantastic review! love seeing statue unboxings! Lol I want to get some more statues, but I've been frustrated with the last couple I've bought. Both had pieces broken off. One ordered online and one from a local store. Favourite marvel character would be spider-man

  6. hey laura you rocks,what do you think about the cosmic ghost rider,i colect crystal butt i colect action figure,i am from Romania

  7. Another fun video, thank you. I think that these poly stone statues are even more fragile than the older porcelain statues. If you’re going to start a collection? Might I suggest the old Bowen Collectibles line. A lot of them are very pricey now. But they are truly worth it. In my opinion the most “fine art” statues ever made across the line. They also made incredible bust. I got into them early and usually just paid regular retail price because they were new when I was collecting. Now the only new line that I get is a nice B&W Batman statues when I see one that really catches my eye. Oh and my favorite MCU character is a tie. They are also my favorite Marvel characters over all. Captain America and since the first time I read Thanos Quest the pre-story to the Infinity Gauntlet in ‘92 Thanos himself. He was and is inevitable…

  8. Hey Laura, I had an idea for a nice video colab with Ed and maybe more! I personally would love to see the artwork people make for He-Man or TMNT. It could be a top 10 video but of the drawings! so people would have to go check out the other channels to see their top 10. I would hope it would be used to inspire donations to Save The Children and I can donate a USPS box of RAndom Thrift Finds I can fit into it. I love surprising people, not wealthy but maybe I can get a box for each channel that does it. We all hold that child love we never lost and I hope we can share that with others around the world 🙂 Thank you for being you and chat with ED and others if you like the idea 🙂


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