Awesome Catch Brandon Kaufman


Watch the third catch in slow motion at about the 1:50 mark… wow. The receiver is Brandon Kaufman of the Eastern Washington Eagles, Division-1aa football. This was the inaugural game at the new red-turfed Roos Field. Playing against their rivals Montana, this turned out to be one of the best football games you could ever hope to see. Both teams played their hearts out, it went back and forth with the Eagles winning at the buzzer. It had a little bit of everything; 95-yard drive, blocked punt returned for td, interception and a fumble returned for tds, Taiwan Jones 308-yard performance, fans rushed the field for a penalty giving Montana one last chance to win… and quietly amid all that a few amazing diving catches. The 1st one is a good diving touchdown. The 2nd one is a great catch down the sideline despite interference. He separated his shoulder on the play but came back in the second half. The 3rd catch is incredible, watch the slo-mo replay. He lays out as far as humanly possible to make the grab and lands right on his head and (separated) shoulder but holds on. He’s 6’6″, 215 lbs, tough as nails, catches everything thrown at him… and he’s only a Sophomore. EWU looks great this year, win it all Eagles!


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  1. A. It looks like blood everywhere.
    B. The blend in more with their turf.
    C. U can only stop the pass in the endzone where they r visible

  2. Get Syracuse in their all orange unis and Minnesota in their all gold unis to play a game on this turf. It would blow out all the HDTV's in the world!!

  3. @NEMESSIS1987 but then there arent any blue and yelloe lines for first downs. they use the field like a greenscreen

  4. I wanted Montana to win this game(being a Griz fan), but seeing EWU win the championship their first year with red turf put a bit of a smirk on my face. Talk about a way to boost confidence.

  5. That was an amazing game. We were right there for the first EWU td on the red turf. I'm the guy in the 8 jersey in the back of the endzone. Go Eagles!


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