Buzz! The Mega Quiz Multiplayer Gameplay (Relentless Soft)


Heres another Buzz! multiplayer on the Sony Playstation 2. This time playing The Mega Quiz, which compromises of general knowledge questions over pretty much any subject you can think of.
Like all the buzz games its great to play with friends, it does have its flaws but its nothing major and will always have you returning for more.

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  1. fond memories of playing Buzz at after school care. I wish there was a way to emulate this series on a computer without needing to purchase those special Buzz controllers.

  2. Ranking the different languages, Bruno lähteenmäki from Finnish dub is better Buzz while Greg's voice in original is better though Jari Salo is good Greg too

  3. This takes me back I remember camping out in the freezing snowy weather outside of best buy for a month just to get my hands on the PlayStation 2 on launch day had very little to eat and drink but it was worth it for the PlayStation 2.


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