Can we edit memories? | Amy Milton


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Trauma and PTSD rewire your brain — especially your memory — and can unearth destructive emotional responses when stirred. Could we eliminate these triggers without erasing the memories themselves? Enter neurologist Amy Milton’s mind-blowing, memory-editing clinical research poised to defuse the damaging effects of painful remembered experiences and offer a potential path toward better mental health.

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  1. Does it works to long term memories or just recent memories? The experiment uses recent memories, with a quick exposure to traumatic event. And the memories that are reinforced everyday, as to share the same place with a sexual offender?

  2. "La vida sería imposible si todo se recordase. El secreto está en saber elegir lo que debe olvidarse."
    Roger Martin du Gard

  3. Every human being has a can compare with your memory once you've tasted a food in newyork then tasted the same food again in texas by that u'll have a comparison in ur mind which is more delicious or who cooked better😂😂🤘

  4. As a being represented with a one of person who having adhd(actually it is add to be real in myself) and living my life with a huge PTSD, keeping bad memory is really bad, i might be wish i can remove my memory in which happened in my youth regardless of whether it can destroy of my good memory as well or not…
    Living with nothing will be better than living with ptsd…

  5. As a person with PTSD the memories of trauma aren't the issue, the actual trauma is and how that affects you. Most of my trauma I don't remember, so some of those memories aren't being remembered, but they still affect me regardless and only therapy has helped. See describes how people with PTSD store memories about their trauma but my own memories are extremely vivid and I can tell you every detail of what was happening and describe every aspect, in fact my trauma based memories are my strongest in terms of nonemotional information of course along side emotional information. God damn lady, I don't want my trauma memories erased, I just want them to be treated and have help living with them. That trauma is major aspect of who I am now, don't get rid of it, and especially don't get rid of my worst moments because we only consciously experience emotions after having contrast to understand them with; my darkest moments make my bright one even brighter, don't take that away!

  6. Yes, lets alter our memories and forget that we are destroying ourselves and our planet! Clearly fake news is not enough!

    Mind control here we come!

  7. so if you see someone looking for cover in fear after seeng you playing tetris this is one of her clients. i'd be impressed if in the end of the lecture the lecturer pet a wasp

  8. This same concept literally applies to society's financial system and destroys human beings spirits that are kept in poverty.
    Mankind has alot of fucking work to do

  9. I'm a student in 6th grade, I have my homework and I write it in the reminder. The reminder is the note we write to remember so it can be our memories we store and we remember to do it. But we have to remember to take the note and watch the writing in the reminder.

  10. Edit memories ?
    … can you see your consciousnesses ?. What a moronic individual she really is.
    That's the equivalent of saying "Let's take out our soul".
    Some thing's are set in stone regarding human's, no matter how much research and development is done over the year's, some element's of a human's being can never be modified, regardless of one's intention's. !

  11. I want to jump ahead to the technology where we can upload information into our brains like Johnny Mnemonic or The Matrix. Pay a one shot fee for a 2,4,6,8 or 10 year college education. Of course, the more information, the more expensive the fee. Just like in the traditional sense of learning.

  12. I would like to thank TED for all these amazing videos about the Brain. During my educational life i was not sure about with what i wanted to do with my life. Thanks to these videos, my love for nerves and brain has awakened.I appreciate a lot your efforts for helping human kind, but also me who you helped A LOT

  13. Please don't. I don't want a real life version of the game "Remember Me" where this technology gets into wrong hands and destroys human freedom. I also don't want to live in Total Recall.

  14. Sometimes, those traumatic memories also help you to not repeat the same kind of mistakes which you made and save you from creating another haunting memory. That's what PTSD has taught me.

  15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This is a horrible idea. Basically, 'We now understand 1% of how the brain works and we'd like to use that knowledge to play God.' If someone's afraid to get out of the house, the proper therapy is – you're coming with me on a walk. We're going outside of the house. We have therapies to help people get over crippling fears. Just use them.
    EDIT: Whose job was it to pick out 'fear triggers' for rats??? Lovely job there…

    EDIT: This crazy lady's trying to make a Bourne super soldier… 'We can make your soldiers fearless'

  16. Every day, we have many experience and those enter our memory to remember. Those memories can be cleaned because we focus on other thing and don't mind them. But we'll have them back if there are something concern to them.


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