Civilization IV Willem/Dutch: Part 20 Conclusion


Last video in the new Civilization series, featuring Willem of the Dutch. This is the final video in this series and the conclusion to this game.

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  1. I'm a beginner player. I started playing Civ 4 a month ago. I read, watch and play. Your videos are the best learning resource for me. Without your videos, it'd take me many more years to learn this much.

    I've already watched this Willem/Dutch series twice. I've learned a lot. Babylon always war once. I'll watch your other Civ 4 videos too. If you have time, can you make a walk through about playing specialist economy?

    Thank you, Sullla. You're the best Civ 4 teacher.

  2. At least you're not playing in marathon. Even with all of the engines and the thrusters it takes 30 turns or so to get to your destination. It's nuts.

  3. Just finished watching 20 videos of Willem. Puhh! Interesting, though. I'm an on-and-off player of Civilization IV for some years now. Have never tried anything higher than Noble, though. Not that I don't get that level. Going to war is the easy way to win on any speed and mapsize on Noble. But how do you win a peaceful victory on Marathon/Huge/18 civs? I always win when attacking, and always lose when playing peacefully! I would appreciate a YouTube series where you win without attacking wars!

  4. you should do more of civ, but maybe with humans, and with different civ, and different endings. anyway, love these vids, always watch them after a stressful day

  5. Awesome series of videos, I really hope you do more Civ4 stuff in the future as I love both this and the writings on your website concerning this awesome game!

  6. Your comments on espionage are amusing and such a strange logic: you say the other features have a counterpoint, such as culture for culture, but espionage does not? Same as culture or anything else, build more espionage against enemies! Or build a force and defeat them (your same logic also for enemy culture!). Leaving your own spies in cities and security bureaus also counter it.The last word on this I would say is, why didn't you just click OFF the espionage feature in the game settings??

  7. Building mines on hills even not in your immediate city ring can be key, as mines give a small chance to discover resources on the tile. Do it early because the longer the game goes on, the more likely one will pop and it can be a key resource like iron, gold, aluminum, etc. Also, you didn't do much trading of extra resources for money, this can really help commerce rate (easily could have gotten 40-50 gpt in early game with AI allies).

  8. Corporations are not boring, they add interesting gameplay in the late game because each type does different things or gives key resources. Actually the way this game was played was to build the same buildings in most cities; to me that was the same boring concept that you claimed for corporations – ie, every city looks the same. In other words, very little specialization! You didn't talk much at all about how to pair late game national wonders like Wall Street, etc.

  9. Some comments about this series that were not addressed (I think): Buddhism religion spread naturally because you had the shrine, you don't need just missionaries to spread it. He often wondered who was sending spies, but it said right on the screen, ie, An INDIAN spy has done X. If your espionage level is high enough, it will tell you who is spying. It's not a bad system. Spy points are just another way to spend currency for much of the same stuff as science, gold.

  10. Thank you Sullla.

    I went back to video-1 to leave a comment and while doing so heard you say at 5:20 that the AI doesn't really use espionage. it was funny… 😛

  11. I watched every single video of this series and thoroughly enjoyed it! Definitely one of the best LP's I have watched for Civ4.

    Thank you very much! Hope we see more from you very soon.

  12. I really like the idea about the openings, since how strong your first few cities are seem to be a big factor in this game. But how many turns are we talking about?

  13. Please do more Civ4 videos Sullla. I found you via your website years ago and thoroughly enjoyed your Civ4 write-ups so to see you actually play is wonderfully entertaining.

  14. Thanks for this series, Sullla. 🙂 As someone who did watch all the videos, all I can say is it was totally worth it and I'm already looking forward to a new Civ 4 series!

  15. Thank you very much for your video series, Sullla; I enjoyed it very much. I'd enjoy watching a game that made you sweat; maybe you could set it to Deity next time (we all know you can handle it)?

  16. Thank you very much. I watched the entire series and liked it a lot. I really would like to see more Civ 4 vids from you.

  17. Loved this series. I like the idea of doing a series of videos on different Civ4 starts. That would be really interesting.

    Looking forward to your next videos

  18. Post commentary on multiplayer matches would be great, though I think you'd probably want to speed up the footage of the turns.

  19. Let me sum up the comments section of this video: Sulla should do more Civ4 including: Playing other victory conditions and in multiplayer.

  20. Sullla! I watched every single video. Loved the series. Very entertaining game. Unfortunate your skill is such that the end became so monotonous. End game seems so interesting but so irrelevant. Thank you for all the pro tips and advice! I noticed when you were switching cities back and forth between building Wealth and Research that you always build from the city screen even if you aren't looking at the tile assignments. Do you ever quick-build by clicking on the city name?

  21. I actually watched all of these videos and enjoyed them!
    Thank you for taking the time to make this video series for us!


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