Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – DANCE BATTLE for $100,000 (Episode 1)

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12 YouTubers compete for Dance Glory and $100,000!
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Dance Showdown returns in this premiere episode with 12 new Contestants, Celebrity Judges and 4 professional Dancers for a chance to win Dance Glory and $100,000. Watch as PranksvsPrank’s Jesse meets his gullible partner, BrittaniLouiseTaylor goes from geek to ghetto, Chimneyswift11 attempt a lift and ExoticJess gets spun.

Tell us which contestant was your favorite from this episode, and who brought the best dance skills to Just Dance 4? You can play too! Get the game here:

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Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval

Andrew Garcia
Chester See
Miss Hannah Minx
Screen Team

Joey Fatone
Laurieann Gibson
Ryan Higa
Dave Days
Shane Dawson

Brinn Nicole
Lauren Froderman
Mike Song

A DanceOn production:
Executive Producers: Jason Hammonds, Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval, Amanda Taylor
Director: Jason Hammonds
Field Producer: Jen O’Connor
Story Producer: Allan Chaykin
Supervising Choreographer: Tessandra Chavez
Lead Editors: Sunny Peabody, Kurt T. Jones
Editors: Allyssa Smith, Noah Chavez, Steve Yee
Opening Graphics by: Design on the Fly
Music Supervisor: Jason Cienkus
Music Provided by: APM Music & Kick Kick Snare

For DanceOn:
VP, Dance Showdown Franchise: David Pinsky
VP, Business Affairs and Business Development: Stephanie Cohen Boxerbaum, Esq.
VP, Production and Operations: Kate Palmer Moon
Chief Marketing Officer: Amanda Goodfried
Chief Programming Officer: Jon Small

Special Thanks to:
Allen Debevoise
Guy Oseary
Adam Relis

Rehearsal Music:
BrittaniLouiseTaylor: “Checkn My Fresh” — Shelle Shae

Chimneyswift11: Blowin’ Up (Shekel Remix)” — LBCK

ExoticJess: “We Want To Dance” — Far Too Loud

PrankvsPrank: “Commercial Joint” – Chaptabois

Just Dance 4 Game Play Songs:
BrittaniLouiseTaylor : “Mr. Saxobeat” — Alexandra Stan
Chimneyswift11: “Superstition” — Stevie Wonder
ExoticJess: “What Makes You Beautiful” — One Direction
PrankvsPrank: “Call Me Maybe” — Carly Rae Jepsen


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38 thoughts on “Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix – DANCE BATTLE for $100,000 (Episode 1)”

  1. the fact that Shane Dawson passed himself off as a heterosexual for so long, proves how fallible some of u are as human beings!

  2. Chimneyswift. Oh yea oh and I saw the vid that you played with sunder awesome I can't believe this I wish sundew was on this

  3. +bagreTV +Yuya +benshortsuff me gustaría muho poder hacer algo así, lamentablemente soy una pequeña caquita en esto (LOL 💩😂) pero podrían ayudarme? (asesoría o lo que sea, me gustaría muuuucho poder hacer algo así enserio 🙏💃) Saludos desde Monterrey, y mi correo es espero su respuesta. 👋 (Aunque me manden muy lejos #NoHayPedoNoMeAwito 😂)


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