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Alphacat made his mark on YouTube with his impersonations and musical parodies. Now, follow Alphacat has he struggles to master a dance routine on the biggest dance competition show on the Internet, Dance Showdown! Alphacat may play the commander in chief, but can he command the dance floor?

In Dance Showdown, 12 YouTube stars train and perform with 4 professional dancers in front of 3 celebrity judges and a global voting audience for the chance to win Dance Glory and $100,000!

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Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval

Alphacat (Iman Crosson)

Joey Fatone
Laurieann Gibson
Ryan Higa
Dave Days
Shane Dawson

Brinn Nicole
Lauren Froderman
Mike Song

A DanceOn production:
Executive Producers: Jason Hammonds, Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval, Amanda Taylor
Director: Jason Hammonds
Field Producer: Jen O’Connor
Story Producer: Allan Chaykin
Supervising Choreographer: Tessandra Chavez
Lead Editors: Sunny Peabody, Kurt T. Jones
Editors: Allyssa Smith, Noah Chavez, Steve Yee
Opening Graphics by: Design on the Fly
Music Supervisor: Jason Cienkus
Music Provided by: APM Music & Kick Kick Snare

For DanceOn:
VP, Dance Showdown Franchise: David Pinsky
VP, Business Affairs and Business Development: Stephanie Cohen Boxerbaum, Esq.
VP, Production and Operations: Kate Palmer Moon
Chief Marketing Officer: Amanda Goodfried
Chief Programming Officer: Jon Small

Special Thanks to:
Allen Debevoise
Guy Oseary
Adam Relis


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  1. @kemanyi nix oh shut up man. All u right wing bitching and moaning about christia's rights need to stop watching the mind corrupting conspiracy theories videos and fox news bullshit machine. And whilee ur at it, stop acting like fucking martyrs acting like the whole world is against ya.

  2. Alphacat, I was turned onto you by my son. And You Be Rocking it. I would like to see somthing done for Religious freedom in America by Barrak Obama. It appears Religous Freedom is being afforded to all other religions except Christians. It would be a political statement and your youtube fame could take a hit. It would be a challenge if you're up to it.

  3. i'm team alphacat, pvp, chester see, and andrew garcia. they're all good. next season, i wanna see Shanna Malcolm on here! she would be awesome!!!!!!

  4. Well, if you look at my question and your off the cuff reply, I really find it an insult. I did not ask about voting but that's all you seem to care about. OK, I don't mind the voting aspect ads long as you don't call that a reply or as long as there is a reply as well contained in the message!

  5. Yep, he was! Show him some epic support by casting your vote for Obam… we mean Alphcat today! Just head over to our channel page & click on his performance.

  6. TEAM ALPHACAT – VOTING is now open! Head over to our channel page, click on the performance and wait for the voting tab to appear. Voting is open through Wed night.

  7. I got to see this from the introduction to dance showdown and I adored the Moves like Jagger clip… FA TAS TIC!!! and I wold dooolove to see the whole clip… if anybody could, pretty please point me in the right direction … it would make me so happy

  8. people shouldnt be spamming pvp comments on other videos. post those meaningless comments on the jesse videos instead -__-


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