DO YOU KNOW THE PUMPKIN MAN? | Rusty Lake: Roots | 02


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  1. I finally played this so now I can watch these.

    Color puzzles that use similar colors. Always fun. :/

    Sometimes what throws people off is the inconsistency in the mechanics. Ex: The gears in the clock. Normally, if something can potentially go in multiple locations you can put it back in your inventory but the gears don't work that way. Instead, they put an extra peg there so you have a way of moving them around. (It's not wildly inconsistent but it varies enough to notice it.)

    So far none of the puzzles actually felt unfair though.

  2. Well. This took a turn. And then continued down said turn. It's become a spiral. At this rate we'll literally be seeing Satan by the end.

  3. Yellow symbolizes her loneliness, the red is anger, the black is regret, white is her sorrow, orange is her confusion.

  4. Wow. Usually I'm not bothered by swearing but jeese you throw the c word around a lot. It really makes it hard to enjoy the story and gameplay.

  5. Congratulations Minx, you made a fertility flower! A magical flower that makes girls pregnant by shooting magic glowing shit fly up their vaginas. Good job.

  6. in that place where was saying that thing about sacrifices during that man's funeral, there was written the word "lingua", that here in Portugal means tongue
    just pointing that out for people to know

  7. I know this might be dumb, but damn she is salty and doesn't care about suicide and a kids death? Idk I just feel uncomfortable because minx just doesn't care.

  8. As an art student, watching Minx do the flowers is a NIGHTMARE.
    It's frustrating to watch someone fail at mixing colours, but I don't blame her.

  9. Minx, can you play " THE VISITOR " kind of the game is single player, and also the VISITOR is worm from alien planet. If you play that, thanks in advance.

  10. in the beginning I don't know why but the game was in portuguese because the canvas on the wall said exactly that minx needed to cut off his tongue but it was in portuguese

  11. wasn't vague. Just had to put the pieces in the square as you did but in the marks on the table. Then where the crosses were that's where you move the a row to get the numbers, not on the buildings


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