Dr. Michael Kaufmann Calls Hospitals – Silent Hill Prank Call


Dr. Michael Kaufmann informs the staff at the hospital where he works that something’s gone seriously wrong….


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Prank call done with the voice of the video game character, Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Silent Hill.

If you like the video and want to see more, leave a suggestion for what character I should use and who or where to call next!



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  1. Nurse: What can we help you with doctor?
    Dr. Kaufmann: That's none of your business!

    Snapped!!! 😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  2. The most funniest yet creative part is when he introduces himself,the screen zooms on his face hahahaha good job bro

  3. I should start saying that at work when I answer the phone.
    "What's your name again?"
    "Yeah, I guess so."

  4. Now wait…Why do people here think that this "pink" person is cute?🤨
    Her voice it's just normal to me…🤔

  5. All of your videos (and I should be in bed, but I found them this morning and 12 hours later I am still watching…………Bastard !) GENIUS ! I'm having a belly laugh work out.

  6. I lost it at the point when he said "your wife is she with you" and the nurse really took a long time to figure out how to answer.


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