Dreams PS4 | Kaiju Game – RUCKUS | Fantastic City Rampage Game | QuickFix 98


Godzilla like Destruction game made in dreams. AWESOME Kaiju Game, as seen on Gamesutra: is a series in which I showcase standouts, innovative or jaw-dropping creations that I think deserve a video of their own! Dreams PS4 Early Access.
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  1. holy shit, this was hella dope. gotta play this!
    i sadly missed the summer jam. i would have to release my game in an incomplete state. it would have been a mere exploration game and that's not what i want it to be. i prefer to wait and drop it when it's completed.

  2. I have been following this creation too. You're right. The fog and smoke have to be toned down. Other than that, it's great.


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