First Two Levels of KingsIsle's New Game: Alphacat


Playing through the first 2 levels of Alphacat. Honestly I enjoyed it for what it is, but not sure how long I would continue to play it. Let me know what you all think in the comments.
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  1. Hey Blaze, I think you should start playing other games and not just W101 and Pirate101. You're channel would grow faster.

  2. Ok I think I get it, if you connect the blue shield tiles then your blue crew members attack. So if you mix up crew members of similar or different colors you can create more attack options. I hope this advice helped.

  3. Is it bad that I refuse to support like kingsisle mobile games since I wished they would stick with wizard101 and pirate101?

  4. so crazy, I have been watching your videos all day, and I look down in a 4v4 pop and I see someone with your exact name. I talked to him (you) and he said he was the real you. I hope it was. your videos are really fun to watch.

  5. So basically, its a puzzles and dragons spin-off? Nice job KI.

  6. It doesn't matter if there are different departments for different sections of gaming activity, KI NEEDS to focus on Pirate101. It's incredibly unprofessional for a company to release a new product and then abandon it after a couple of years. A new games should not be the focus, KI's main money makers should be the focus.

  7. I just can't see KI in this :/ I'd prefer another game in the style of Wizard101 and Pirate101, preferably set in the Spiral.

  8. Let's be honest, this game looks so booooring… like for little kids or something.. no need to suck up to KI lmaooo jk jk but ya this game is so ugh!

  9. It's almost like best fiends only with the tile matching and the fact you can change characters. There may be other things that are similar but yeah.

  10. lol where the pirate101 update? lmao instead a new game xD but thats just my opinion if they want to create another game they can XD

  11. I wanted to play pirate101, because I saw you playing iT and it looked pritty fun. But then i couldnt play it because you can only play with euro's. I play wizard101 eu but That game is dead on eu, no one plays iT on eu


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