Godzilla got Fat? Ruckus – Just another Natural Disaster – Kaiju Simulator Dreams PS4


Godzilla got Fat? Ruckus – Just another Natural Disaster open world kaiju game in Dreams PlayStation 4 Kaiju Simulator

Level Name Ruckus – Just another Natural Disaster
Made by HeartFactory-KW
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Ruckus – City Destroyer is a collaboration. A rampage style game. Take control of the Kaiju ‘White heart’ (mother natures fury at humanity). Destroy stuff and get points.
Original character design by @morishiro1935
This game can run a little slow

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  1. if this game include multi play,
    that who create a server that player as a monster,
    that server include option add or not as enemy to fight monster by robot, japan super man, japan robot, pacific arm
    people can join who server add enemy option to fight monster,
    that will be fun

  2. When you destroy building they should fall like in crackdown 3 or when u use ur atomic breath it should slice buildings and not fall down and disappear or like blocks the map should ba a lot bigger more monsters, fighter planes tanks, troops , attack helicopters so on. But the graphics are AMAZING


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