Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 100% Part 15 (Boatyard, Kaufman Cabs, Taxi Mission)


Boatyard is always a property I forget the details of. The cutscene that proceeds the mission is among the most forgetable in the game and having only one mission that’s basically a race doesn’t make it stand out among the other missions. Kaufman Cab is probably one of the easiest missions for the assets, along with the Boatyard, but is thankfully more memorable. The Taxi Mission is probably the most friendly side-quest in this game on a normal playthrough as you can do it whenever you really want and leave whenever you want with no consequence. Sadly, doing it all at once isn’t great youtube content, so while I get some Taxi Fares, I hope you’ll enjoy my “Best Vice City songs of each radio Station” list.
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