Ha Ji-won can’t keep her eyes off Yoon Kye-sang | Chocolate Ep 1 [ENG SUB]


That is NOT the way you want to run into your first love.

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  1. Ok I really wanted Minsung for her seems like a kind and loyal guy to her. They look good together. I wish he was the main guy in the story.

  2. Nice series, finally over. was a little disappointed with the finale but I loved the series. Ty, for the excellent quality show.

  3. I am very excited that a real Korean drama is filmed in my city. All images from at the beginning of the first episode are from Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece. Such a surprise. I am a big fan of k-dramas and I can't believe it! Please visit more often… Very happy to meet you!

  4. Hermoso dorama,no lo quería ver y mi hija me motivó,tremenda historia y excelentes protagonistas,estoy esperando ansiosa el desenlace!!

  5. I am in love with this drama and I am not even Korean ! The actors are great and the series is almost like a long movie . I am definitely a fan! How can anyone not be ? I just saw episode 12 and I was crying and happy at the same time! Chocolate will definitely be one of my all time favorite series !

  6. I just watched 9 episodes straight. About to sleep at 8am..i haven't broke night in a long time. Damn great show

  7. I miss empress ki and also how tf can she look so frecking young can't believe she already in her 40s i thought she was in her 20s. She still looks the same and still the best actress for me.


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