Here's why the 944 is the best Porsche


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Today Casey Putsch ( explains why all Porsches are cool but the 944 is the best.

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  1. best car i ever had. maroon 944. loved my first porsche a 924, gf totallled it. had a 911SC, but loved the 944 the best. miss it.

  2. Hyping up 944's but when is the last time you drove one? No offense, it seems you were paid by someone to make this video. I am a 944 owner and love the hell out of it. Just saying… this seems disingenuous.

  3. I fell complete for Porsches when playing Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed in the 2000, I 'd loved them before that, but I hadn't dug in-depth into them until that game and I really fell for this 944 because it looked so different and futuristic in it's own way. Unfortunately I'm a poor bastard and have never even sat in any of them.

  4. I raced 944’s and a 968 for almost 20 years. While they had modest power, the balance of the cars with their rear transaxles and good brakes made them so predictable and fun to drive. We had many class wins in NASA and CFRA with them, and their reliability was actually very good.

  5. No doubt a good looking car. I owned a ‘97. Very high maintenance for a 4 cylinder automatic that doesn’t go worth a damn. Also owned a 280z back in the 70’s better looking, twice as fast, but it’ll rust out up to the windows.

  6. My dad came home with a 944 Turbo in black ( after his 924 ) in 1987 it was a C reg and it was the coolest car in the world ( to me ) he put the plate POI1212 ( he’s called Paul ) Shit plate I know. HOWEVER I’m in the car trade and know that this car still exists somewhere. I WILL BUY IT IF YOU HAVE IT AND IT WOULD MAKE MY WORLD ( my childhood wasn’t great my mother was very abusive ) but I digress the 944 is the best Porsche ever ever ever and I would love that one back. So if you have it or know of it please let me know xxx

  7. Loved my 944 S2 with a Red Turbo look but not really Turbo, imported from the US with Anti-Lock breaks. I drove it for an amazing decade until I started a family… When the manual clutch gave out I had to let her go. Repair bill would have been 3000 Euro. Now more than a decade later my house looks out over an underground parking garage. One of the cars coming in and out of that underground garage is a 944 with its distinctive low sound causing a nostalgic trigger in my brain every time. I miss her, my Scarlet.

  8. I remember when u could buy a driving 944 for €1000 every day. Now its 3k for an empty shell of 6k for one with an engine

  9. almost bought one new….got 85 1/2 SVO instead….49 / 51 balance, 6
    adjustable koni reds, 4 wheel disc, 50 series 16s, hurst close ratio 5
    spd (all svos were 5 spd), 210 HP, functional body dual wing spoiler
    spats & scoop, lug centric rims, lincoln continental control arms,
    recaro type seats, change timing with dash switch etc… all stock.

  10. Porsche 914-6 absolute dream car. Any other Porsche I have no interest in.
    Just the best version of the poor mans racing Porsche.

  11. "944 is the best Porsche" said no one who has driven a variety of other Porsches. A great car for the money, but (LOL) not the best Porsche. Click bait.

  12. Had an oval dash model from dec85. Such a solid car. Had it until damaged a couple of years ago after 10 years of daily driving and long cruises whenever I could. Kept on top of servicing and replaced the usual, bonnet and boot struts,rear latch pins( fumes in car otherwise!),DME relay and kept spare in glove box,visor clips and any rubber or plastic that was getting tired. Everything worked and quality build. Didn’t buy for investment( not that clever) ,just for its muscular shape. A shame it went but have to move on. Doubled my money but that isn’t my point. A joy to drive and own. Old and young appreciated its looks which was nice. If a kid can see a nice shape of car, must be good. Good luck if looking for one,solid engine/gearbox and everything else replaceable. Have fun.

  13. If anyone is looking to buy one, I have one for sale. 87 na, 153k miles, with an S2 trans. Still have original.

  14. I think 944 's are the best looking, I almost got one mint few years back for $6,500 but the car was a gift and dad talked me out of it somehow, I just new he wouldn't like it if I picked it even though I work on them myself. It was only 6,500 as it was sold 4 times and keeps coming back to the dealer with complaints of it running rich, 3 mechanics could not figure out why (3 dumb asses).

  15. of all the overpriced porches and i had 2 a 914 2L and a 924 2nd edition. all over priced .a nissan 240-60-80 was half the price.what you paid for was the name. and the quality was horrible the 914 at 20,000 stopped running and was in the shop for 3 months waiting for new airboxe's[[the ecm] from stutguart. it turns ou that the factory was worried about the emmisions from these cars wich were sold in so cal. so they all went silent at the same milliage .at my dealer there were 50 in the bcak lot waiting in the boxes. they came in and they called for pu. a german engineer delivered my car and told me to get in for a test ride.i did and he said they will go lick hell,but in the morning they are cold blooded and will stutter greatly .yes that was the case as in utah i went through thr utah cops traps at 137mph when the national speed limit was 55mph. i got off witha 70mph ticket. the 924 was still underpowered at 110hp after the boost from 95hpm in the forst edition and the plastic dash and seats were shot in one year ans was under warranty but took 4months to get them in stock. never bought another overpriced german revenge junk.

  16. I too, have always felt that the 944 is the best looking Porsche. It always baffled me as to why it never got the hype or performance packages liket the other models did. For example, the 928 had so much hype and I always felt that the design was too dated and "bulbous"

  17. I've had an 89 S2 for a while. It replaced an 80 911 S/C nicely. The only car I'd replace it with at this point is a 2.7 Cayman.


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