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We got the chance to ride the world’s first superbike, a Honda CB750. Does it live up to the hype?

Honda CB750 turns 50:

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  1. This was my first bike back in Japan.
    Loved it so many memories of running wild thru Tokyo on it 😂
    Wish I had one over here in Scotland.

    Currently on Harley FXDB Street Bob but changing soon to a Yamaha XV1900 – cant wait!

  2. What is it with music and people making motorcycle Videos !!?? How about people produce recording of a song, and add motorcycle engine exhaust sound to it ! Wouldn't it stupid !

  3. I owned one, I had roll bars and a fairing on it. I did 125 mph down 280 for 15 miles. Another day while doing about 45, a guy ran a red light and it tore the front end off his car. The fairing was powderized, the roll bars crushed into the cylinders – totaled it and the car. I watched it from above – jumped up off the bike just before it hit. Tore up all my riding clothes but I walked away, just real sore the next few days.

  4. Sorry but you got it all mixed up…. The 69 sandcast model had different Honda Monograms… The oil tank was competely different…. The Disc caliper is silver in colour…. Kindly get the facts right before posting it….either is NOT sandcast or your not knowing what your advertising…sorry but true

  5. I had a CB750 f2 when I was seventeen, bought for 100 quid. Had rotten silencers and weighed a ton. It was too heavy for my light body at that age so I sold it. I agree though, the music killed your video plus the way you filmed it made the whole thing look very tame. My experience was more like “aaaaaah! Bloody ‘ell!!” as my head missed a tree by inches trying to get the thing to corner at speed.

  6. Throughout the whole video, I stared at that red CB1KR… It sort of put me in a different state of consciousness. I may even have wet my lips a bit. Mmm

  7. Love these bikes! Definition of classic! VIN on frame indicates year built. I saw my first CB750 in 1969 at Ed Correa Honda Hayward-CA. OMG! Green! Just 15-1/2 years old riding my 1968 CL125 just stopping at the Honda shop to scope out bikes. They were test riding the bike in the lot. It was amazing! Couldn't believe it. I bought my new CB750 at Milpitas Honda in 1973. $1,425 OTD. Chocolate brown. Man what an amazing bike! Lotsa memories on that bike!

  8. Great video. Yes it would have been nice to have heard the CB750. I love how you said bikes haven't changed so much in 50 years!

  9. I have a 1975 CB750. Almost identical to the 69. At some point some one pulled the baffles out of the factory pipes. Sounds awesome, and it will fly. 115 out of a 44 year old motorcycle is quite impressive for it being in completely stock form

  10. “Just listen to that!” Well I would have liked to, but you played junk music over the sweet tunes of the bike…

  11. I test road the new Bike in this video, the CB1000. it was too fast and modern for me. I then tried the CB1100 EX and took it home 🙂 It's as near as you can get to the old CB750 in a new bike IMHO

  12. I own a 77 cb550F, and just sold a 78 cb750. The 550 with its lighter weight and smaller frame handled way better than the 750. Both of them cruise all day at 70 out on the highway.

  13. You reviewed that bike with hardly any sound from that bike? Next time blabber less and give more content. And shut that music when its needed.

  14. Did you forget this? and double overhead camshafts 1967 MV Agusta 600 Four

    Engine: 592cc air-cooled DOHC inline four, Brakes: Dual 8.5in (216mm) mechanically actuated discs front

  15. Agreed that the CB750 is iconic. That said, I’m not sure how many riders from the era (1969 – 2009) would agree that it’s the best work Mr. Honda produced. I’ve been riding long before this bike was built, and still ride today; well, I have to mow the lawn today because I was riding yesterday, but you get the drift. For me, the fifth generation VFR is the “classic” Honda. I don’t own one, mine is a sixth generation so I’m not touting my own possessions, but pretty much any VFR is a fine example of a motorcycle being greater than the sum of its parts. It would be interesting to hear Honda fanatics (truth be told I’m more of a Suzuki guy) give an opinion as to the greatest Honda of all . . . so far.

  16. Please reshoot the video, and instead of that stupid music when you are riding the 750, just record the sound of its engine. Duh!

  17. 1st production inline 4? So the 1905 FN4 wasn't? 1st production disc brakes might well be a 1923 Douglas RA and as for the electric start – Indian had some in 1914 but even Honda's own CB350 had it in 1968.
    You may also live a little longer if you take a glance over your shoulder now and then.

  18. I bought a 1977 honda 750 new rolled it out of showroom, it was dependable and would beat my brothers harley of the line and 1/4 mile but on the
    Highway he would blow past me like i was standing
    Still and his was just a sporster

  19. This is one of the beautiful motorcycles ever. Not sure why Honda doesn't produce any modern classics anymore !!

  20. This is NOT a 69 model, it's probably a 71. It has the wrong throttle linkage, wrong seat etc etc etc. It's even clearly shown as J reg. Get the facts right guys.


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