Honda Horsepower! – 1969 Honda N360 Custom Touring – Twin Carbs


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Hard to believe that in over 400 videos that this is the very first Honda N360 to be featured in a Wasabicars video. This one is an absolute winner! So, so clean and a mostly original, stunning example. Enjoy.

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Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation.
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  1. The N360 & N600 were also sold in Great Britain and parts of Europe too The N360, was actually 354cc, was built to fit to Japanese "Kei Car" (City Car) regulations of the time that gave special registration and parking exemptions to cars under 360 cc in Japanese cities. The N360 and Z360 were sold in Australia even though the "Kei Car" regulations were irrelevant here.

  2. I had one of these. Liked it very much. Bought it used in 1975, in Maryland. My only reason for getting a larger car was my height (6 feet) and the problems of transporting like sized friends and family. It was a great commuter car for in-city driving.

  3. Yes…the AN600 was made for the American market with left-hand drive…that's what the "A" stands for.
    I had a 1972 AN600 in about 1977. Even though the 600cc version was the hotrod model in Japan, it was waaaaay too under-powered for the American market. Even VW Beetles were passing me on the highway, I think of the AN600 as a proof-of-concept car for the much, much, much better 1st generation Civic that was introduced in the US in about 1973…just in time for the Arab oil embargo and gas (petrol) rationing. Steve Santa Rosa, California

  4. I was stationed in Japan 70-72 and I owned a Honda N360, in yellow. I picked it up almost new for around $300 US. Cool little car, plastic trunk lid etc. to keep weight down I suppose. I noticed on this video the license plate was blurred out, but near the end of the video a portion of the plate showed the letter B in English which was the designation for a US military owner so that may be why it was the touring model as the GI's had money to spend.  🙂 Nice car… Don San Antonio Texas

  5. I REALLY want that Touring grille for my N600 I'm building– know of any places out in Japan that would be able to source one?

  6. Hey there. Yes, I am doing the videos different nowadays. The pixelated plates I'm just doing for the owner's peace of mind. I really wish it weren't necessary. Let's face it. Everyone who sees the car can see it. But, I do go to a lot of car shows now, and if it's known that I protect "personal information", the owners could open up more. It's a bit of extra work but I want to make the best vids I can.

  7. Can't help it but looking at the front end and at the proportions of this car, I think it has a striking similarity with the Autobianchi (Lancia) A112!

  8. Oh, great timing. There was a very small class of car in Japan called a Kei-car. (It still exists but has changed.) Engine capacities were limited to 360cc. Also, external dimensions were limited.

    Now you are prepared to watch the video I just uploaded – Mazda Chantez. 🙂

  9. Such a beauty! I think I may need to snag this to post on Roots….if you don't mind! 🙂
    I can't help but ask though, is that an Isuzu Bellet behind it?


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