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Avatar The Last Airbender is all about the journey of learning new skills, from novice to master. And despite being a cartoon, it’s very well written and there are lessons you can take from it to help YOU master almost any skill faster, whether you’re interested in business, sports, languages, music, or social skills (we’ll look at examples of each of these throughout the video.)

That said, we’ve got to acknowledge that Avatar IS a cartoon. So in this video we’ll go over some things Avatar gets right and some things Avatar gets wrong, so that you can learn to master any skill way faster and avoid some common mistakes that will stall your learning process.


0:28 – #1: Find the right teacher for you.
3:07 – #2: Set goals that are a stretch for your abilities, but are within your abilities.
4:29 – #3: Find a way to make practice fun.
6:05 – #4: Don’t let the ego get in the way of learning.
8:08 – #5: Practice at least three times a week.

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  1. Really liked the advices based on a fictional show like Avatar. These types of series and movies have a lot of wisdom and pactical knowledge. I would love to see more of this, and I would predict you guys gaining more viewers and subscribers going into this niche as well (charisma tips and breakdowns on famous fictional characters).
    Keep the awesome work. Love you guys!

  2. I love this channel! I’ve watched a lot of channels like this but you guys are the realist and give honest advice in more than just dating. Plus, you made an episode involving the best series out there. Thank you for all your hard work, interesting videos, and truthful advice 🙂

  3. Also I've heard that a study says most people cannot stay focused on a task after 30 minutes, so make sure you take short breaks if you plan to study or practice for a long period of time

  4. Suggestion for video: understanding yourself and how you are perceived by others. (Example: others see you as an insipid whiner (suggest looking at your social media posts as a clue. Then look at the responses. Are you surrounding yourself with malcontents? If there are few responses: Are people avoiding you?)

  5. Are you gonna make a prediction video about Trump vs Biden, like you did in the last elections with Trump vs Hilary?

  6. Hi.Can you do a video on communication skill? I have some problem on how to be smooth and fluent during presentation. Hope you can help.


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