How to Name Your Alpha Cat


Does your cat feel su-purr-ior to you? Never fret! Friskies will help you figure out if your cat is an Alpha and, if so, the best names for your paw-erful feline.

Let’s face it: felines are glorious creatures and they deserve a unique cat name that fits them. So how do you name a cat? Dr. Sigmeow Freudenpaws is here to help. He recommends getting to know your cat’s personality… Is she a Cleocatra, Rogue, Swordblade, or Nala Queen of the Nile?

To find a cute, funny or unique name for your cat, go to the Friskies Cat Name Generator:

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Voice of Dr. Sigmeow Freudenpaws: Hugo Martin


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  1. Well, I had name my female cat call harvest
    She the alpha all pet/wild cat, and she had a kitten it a girl so I call a very special name it Junior.
    So other newborn kitten is not ready to visit me so I had very special name for all of them so not to tell what kittens name really is.
    But if I had a yellow kitten…would you guys gave me a best name for my very special yellow kitten for the best for name he/she?…….If I had yellow kitten.

  2. My mum named our cat Mau because she used to make those sounds.I was surprised that in Egypt the cats are called Mau.

  3. Sadly, I didn't know the kitten we would have was going to be an alpha cat so I didn't get to name him appropriately. I named him Oishi because his long tail reminded me of their shrimp snack's trademark: white with orange stripes or rings like the target boards. However, it's not that bad; I just find it funny that I coo at him calling him "Delicious" in Japanese.

  4. My cat is a Alpha cat and I named him "Little Kitty" XD… He brings dead chipmunks to my door same with baby bunnies and Birds.


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