How To Test The Speed Of Your Hard Drive | TEST PERFORMANCE OF YOUR HDD OR SSD


How To Test The Speed Of Your Hard Drive | TEST PERFORMANCE OF YOUR HDD OR SSD

In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you how to test the speed of your hard drive or solid state drive this really is the best program for doing hard disk read/write tests.

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  1. i don't understand why all HARD DISK benchmarks on youtube use SSDs. tells a lot about how much this people know about computers.

  2. My channel showing how to check speed of your hard drive

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  3. Silicon Power A80 1TB NVME SSD PCI-E 3.0


    3410.38 3259.
    2978.01 2977.63

    1401.94 1485.21

    73.13 211.19

  4. Basically explained absolutely nothing. How are the 4 different modes different, why do you have such different answers from your top line. Literally more questions than answers.

  5. I have 561 mb per second but when I load games and other stuff it can only do 54 mb per second. do I have to overclock my ssd or something

  6. "if your computer has a low speed storage"

    I have no idea what that means and you've just made your entire tutorial, useless.
    I hope you don't continue to make videos… you leave too much important information out and don't help anyone.

  7. Hi there. Weird, mine doesn't bring any results from any HD. All values keeps as zero after the test. Windows 7 64-bits. Tried two versions of CDM 32 and 64 and nothing happens. Any idea what can be wrong?

  8. Hi Mr. ComputerSluggish . This is all very well . But I think you've left out the most important part of it all , and that is interpreting the results . There may well be somewhere on the internet which lists different disk types , and the results they are supposed to give , when they are in good shape . That way , people who don't really understand the numbers ( most people , I'd guess ) , have an easy way to interpret the whole thing .

  9. I just got a new external drive… its faster than all my other drives…incredibly I hooked it uo to my PS4 and it's running like a snail… worrying.

  10. Crucial P1 NVMe M.2 SSD
    running on a
    StarTech PCI Express to M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter

    1997.6 1400.8
    669.8 418.4
    431.9 254.1
    46.57 91.8

  11. interesting I have 3 hdd's set up in raid 0 and the read and write speeds were faster than your ssd wasn't expecting that

  12. This software sucks, first of all it shows your all partitions like those are hard drives. If you test them it shows different result but all the partitions are belongs to same drive, so whats the point?

  13. This is described as a tutorial? You said you were going to elaborate in the description, but you didn't.
    Do you actually know what these numbers mean or are you just another ignorant salesman?

  14. I mostly wanted to know exactly what the 4 different tests were. Hovering them doesnt explain what it means. Also, you said you would elaborate in the description. Its just links down there.


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