How to Unhide Columns and Rows in Excel


In this short video, I cover a few ways to quickly unhide columns in Excel.

There are multiple ways to unhide columns in Excel:
— Using a keyboard shortcut
— Using the format options
— Using the name box and format options
— Using the mouse (by dragging and increasing the width)

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  1. Bhayya Create More Videos, you have Number of followers, Keep continued the journey. Existing videous Awesome.

  2. Hi Sumit.. thanks for the video.. very informative. For quick hiding of columns using the keyboard, I use CTRL+0. To unhide columns, I use CTRL+SHIFT+0. For quick hiding of rows using the keyboard, I use CTRL+9. To unhide rows, I use CTRL+SHIFT+9. As you pointed out in your video, for the unhiding procedure, the pointer must be positioned in the hidden row or column or selected across the hidden row or column, as the unhide process is executed against whatever is the position or range of the pointer at the time. I love keyboard shortcuts, so those are my goto methods. Thanks for your tips. I always enjoy how thoroughly you cover the topic. Thumbs up!


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