Howson's Virtual Pub Quiz! | The Rum Down Episode 12


Stephen, Janine and the lads are back for another episode of the Rum Down! Your weekly virtual pub quiz.

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  1. A red on black Salford Rum would be mint. Also, while i sometimes agree that you guys need to get back onto the quiz topic, please know the main reason i watch is for the nonsense in between, and im sure im not the only one. We love listening to you all having a laugh and talking utter bollocks about stuff. Its always funny watching Joe & Mrs H trying to get things back on path, only for "alright, question 6…. oh and dont get me started on…" and it goes straight back to waffle 😀
    Theres plenty of sterile content out there, and im glad this isnt joining it.

  2. Worst film of all time has to be the perfect storm…a true story about a tragedy where there were no survivors..ahh explain that one

  3. Ste as we're both true food lovers and I am huge fan of yours, I shall share my homemade popcorn recipe: in a medium size saucepan cover 90% of the base with oil at room temperature, cover 90% of the base with kernels, cover with a perfect fitted lid on top, put on hob on full heat until you hear 3 kernals pop, turn down heat immediately to medium high and take off hob when popping almost comes to a stand still. Then season! I prefer traditional salted popcorn with added melted butter but try making red bull syrup by letting the red bull reduce to a sloppy syrup in a pan, and add drop of rum and some chill flakes then enjoy the buzz! – Might give you the sharts though 😉

  4. Best thing would be to wait a few days, then eat another one of those yogurts and see if you get 10 hours of shits again, solid! Or rather, not so solid.

  5. The reason Pacino hasn’t been good in the last 20 odd years is because 457 years old. Ain’t many good elderly actors


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