I Bought A PORSCHE 944 For $500 And FIXED It For $7


If there’s one car I’ve always wanted it is a cheap eighties Porsche. I couldn’t jump fast enough at the chance to pickup this 1987 Porsche 944 for $500. It needed a battery as every car does, but we fixed it with $7.16 in parts and a little elbow grease. Now we just have to solve the rattle with some other parts that came with the car and it will be tearing down the road again!

Fuel Injector O-Rings:
944 Battery:

Shop Motul:


Common Questions:

What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus

What do I do for a living? Make YouTube videos.

Can you wheelie? No, I suck.

Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.

Where can I keep up with you off the bike?

Instagram: WatchJRGo

Facebook: WatchJRGo (or JRGo, FB hates my branding)

Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.

Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.

Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.

Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo

Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law

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  1. I know a lot of people are like no way $500! but it’s true I found one for sale for around $1500 around my area but was thinking what anyone would think “gotta be something wrong with it”

  2. 5:10 I'm from Germany and I've never seen the tire info anywhere else, other than the fuel cap/door hahaha!
    I dont see many US-made cars here, but all others, including Asian manufactured ones, have that info right there lol

  3. This car has for the past few years been my dream car. I can't exactly pinpoint what it is exactly that I love about it but I know id take my time to learn the car inside and out just to have one.

  4. 1985 1/2 has that style dash, the earlier ones had a squared off dashboard. 911 wheels fit and look great on the 944. If you ever pop the hood on one of these and its an audi engine, that engine is nothing buy problems. Also the turbo cars will flat fly.

  5. I didnt watch the video. Youtube was asking me if this was something I'd like to watch. No, YouTube, it isnt. Also, you fixed it TODAY for 7 dollars. Hit me up after you drive it as a daily for a year. Lmk how much it cost to keep that car on the road.

  6. Dood, FUCK YEAH!!! This is hands down the GREATEST victory video on YouTube. $500 for the car, $100 for a battery, Some fuel injector love, and BLAMMO. The Flip ups WORK, the power windows WORK. Fogs work… Does the sunroof work? SUBSCRIBED!!!!!

  7. yes ,but you save a lot with the injector machine cleaner .. in any shop .. how much you spend in that .. after that all is fine … great , but why don't do nice project in the car .. cheers


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