Kauffman Stadium is so underrated!


Everyone talks about PNC Park and Camden Yards (along with AT&T, Fenway, and Wrigley), but Kauffman Stadium needs to be part of the conversation. It’s absolutely GLORIOUS, and in this video, I explored various parts and explained why. I also snagged lots of baseballs before the game and even got to use my special “fountain device” to pluck one from the water. Great times all around including some heroics by Eric Hosmer at the very end.

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This video was filmed by Brandon Sloter on August 23, 2017. Thanks for watching — and hopefully liking, commenting, and subscribing.

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  1. Hey Zack I was at this game,I was the kid in the outfield who put you on my snapchat story then I dropped my phone.Anyways I wanted to say it was a honor to meet you.Your a Legend to the game.Keep Making these great videos.The people in Kansas City have a lot of love and respect for you.Thank you for coming to the K and Comeback anytime!!!!!!

  2. I live in Kansas and they always say Kaufman sucks but it’s all about history with all of those fountains

  3. I’m a Coloradan but I have family in KC, and these two teams are par for my favorite. If only this was in Colorado, I would’ve loved to go to this game

  4. As a KC fan and going to a ton of games, I can admit it was a better experience in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 season because we won. It’s still fun to see games because we win most of them but the atmosphere is kinda bad because it’s NEVER sold out. Thanks 2017-2018 season u just made everyone not see games

  5. As a KC Royals fan, I have had some fun experiences at this stadium. I miss the days of th sold $5 outfield tickets. It was at this stadium where as a kid I got my old royals hat signed by Sal Fasano. Still have that hat to this day.

  6. I wanna know how many GAME BALLS he has. 7000 is such an inflated number when i would guess 5500 are toss ups or the device where he just grabs deadballs off the ground.

  7. I love all the in depth looks you give to each stadium. Looking forward to more of it in 2019! Maybe concentrate on unique food to each stadium this yr?

  8. Hey Zack, love your videos. You are so right in saying that Kauffman Stadium is one of the more underrated stadiums in Major League Baseball. As a lifelong Royals fan I can remember getting tons of autographs during the 80’s at the old Adam’s Mark hotel where the visiting teams would stay across the interstate.
    I think my most prized autograph was from Bert Blyeleven when he played for the Minnesota Twins. He was so nice to my friend and I that evening even after he took the loss. I’ll never forget that! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  9. That run way were kids are timed I did that and it used to be can you run faster than billy Butler when he was in kC

  10. I was at that exact spot that he was in the beginning when l watched the Chiefs destroy the Raiders


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