Kauffman vs Alexander FULL FIGHT: June 10, 2018 – PBC on FS1


Travis Kauffman (32-2, 23 KOs) took home a majority decision victory over Scott Alexander (14-3, 8 KOs) in a 10-round heavyweight matchup June 10, 2018 on PBC on FS1 from Pioneer Event Center in Lancaster, California.

In a wild first round, it was Kauffman who struck first, landing an overhand right while Alexander was pinned against the ropes that sent his opponent to the canvas in the final minute of the round. As Kauffman sought the finishing blow, Alexander landed a perfect counter left hook in the final seconds of the round that sent Kauffman sprawled out on the canvas before he narrowly beat the count and returned to his corner to continue the fight.

After the first round, Kauffman and Alexander exchanged combinations across the remainder of the fight, with both men switching often and effectively to counter and land on each other. Alexander’s speed and athleticism helped him control portions of the fight while Kauffman continued to press forward for 10 rounds attacking the body and looking to fight on the inside.

In the end, Kauffman narrowly took home the majority decision by scores of 95-95 and 96-94 twice.

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  1. I actually thought a draw would be fair. Otherwise I'm ok with Kaufman winning. If you watch closely he's inside a lot throwi g shoe shine punches that may be counted by judges as scoring. He's touching alexander all the time on the inside. Not bad performance by either fighter. I just didn't see anything enough to give alexander the close rounds. Also alexander took almost the entire round 7 off resting and not thowing punches. In a close fight with rounds possibly going either way its hard to judge.

  2. И вот с этим чудаком Поветкин будет боксировать? Мандец!!!Слава Кирпе!!

  3. Last Ortiz fight against the Russian I called the round and ko this time is going to be a ko against this whoever he is.

  4. oh dear, I saw Ortiz was going to fight Kauffman,saw kaufmans record,thought will be a good fight, until I saw Kauffman fight, dear oh dear, he looked shit, flbby,2 stone overweight, and clearly lost this fight, ,easy win for Ortiz, Ortiz will make it last a bit, 5th round ko for Ortiz

  5. To the judges that the two judges that gay Kauffman that when I don't know what kind of boxing you be watching but that was b***** decision that you guys make Alexandra was more aggressive and he threw more shot if anything this should have been a draw CBC HBO or Showtime whoever you are need some experience judges that no boxing because these two judges don't know boxing

  6. right decision. travis landed more punches and worked more than alexander btw look at his fat ass belly… disgusting… but he won fair

  7. I also thought this was a bad decision, but what pissed me off was that guy talking about something totally unrelated to this fight. On and on about athletes being brought in for boxing tryouts. Yada,yada, what a waste of commentary.

  8. The WWE of Boxing need a chair or two to through across the ring someone to slip in a punch from the rail maybe hit the ref. Turning boxing into a clown show.


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