Kaufman's Final Solution (PC) – proof-of-concept demo


This is a proof-of-concept demo for Tadpole Interactive’s upcoming twin-stickbeat’em up.

The basic mechanics enable the player to unleash attacks at designated angles, allowing strikes to be inflicted upon various extremities of the user’s enemies, with pseudo-dynamic results.

As can be established from the visuals, the animations require considerable smoothing, while only two of the player’s basic attacks (ordinary kick and combo) are thus-far presented.

My plan is to incorporate a wider variety of combat moves, with improved animations, and greater variety in terms of enemies which are available.

The game’s rather politically-incorrect premise involved the real-life genocidal ambitions of Theodore Kaufman, an American businessman, the product of whose authorship, “Germany Must Perish” contains a self-evident philosophy.

In this alternate history scenario, Kaufman’s acquaintance, Henry Morgenthau, has managed to drug and deceive a rather senile and rapidly fading Roosevelt into granting presidential approval for Operation Pentagram, a systematic post-war plan for occupying U.S. Army divisions to re-appropriate Nazi concentration camps for the purpose of exterminating all German civilians within the Western sector.

Meanwhile, Sumi Yamada, the game’s protagonist and Japanese National, has learned of Allies’ plan to experiment upon 3-year old Heidi Longenkampf, daughter of a recently-deceased wermacht Hauptmann, as a means of testing the potency of an enhanced carbon monoxide solution.

Yamada’s failure to enlist assistance from Heidi’s siblings, themselves overcome by a sense of national guilt, she elects to undertake the mission alone of infiltrating the relevant U.S. Army base, liberating Longenkampf from captivity, and exposing the plan to the remaining Western allied forces, who no doubt, would never have approved of such an endeavor.

The objectives of level 1 involve the of killing all American soldiers en-route to the obligatory boss encounter, supplied in the form of a T-48 Tank Destroyer.

The music track for the original level is succinctly entitled, “What you suffer….” , in reference to a quotation by Communist activist Hans Meier, in that “What you suffer does not defile you. What you do does.”

Update: Now, that I’ve had some time to experiment with the Unity Engine, I’m actively contemplating a complete overhaul of the game and its accorded components by re-adapting its contents for a 3-D interface, with beat-em up mechanics similar to those of the Dynasty- and Samurai Warrior series.

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