Kundalini Yoga | 30 DAYS OF INTENT #8 – Deepak Chopra


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Description: Natalie and Iman learn about kundalini yoga, a more esoteric style of yoga that has them chanting, giggling and doing some funky postures.*

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30 DAYS OF INTENT follows YouTube star, Iman Crosson, and professional athlete and entrepreneur, Natalie Spilger, on a journey of intent and self-discovery. Led by Deepak Chopra, Natalie and Iman spend weeks visiting experts in the health and wellness fields. They experience watsu massage, spiritual therapy, nutrition counseling, and much more. They laugh, they cry, they push their boundaries. It’s a spiritual makeover show, unlike any you’ve ever seen.

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  1. But then again I have an advantage on my life I died in 1974. I went to the other side. I Saw the Light and I remember what it was like like it was last week. I existed in a golden light there were no questions and there were no answers although I was aware of myself. In 1979 I did a Christian ritual that gives my heart and soul to Jesus. And I've never been the same since. I studied all religions and I think the Hindus got it the most accurate. Although none of them got it completely right.

  2. But it also occurred to me to that we always look Beyond to the other side what about this side it can't be for no reason did something to it that's equally as valuable as the other side.

  3. What the hell is that thing you wear on your head your totally Western culture. Which doesn't really mean anything. But I'm a white bread american who got tune into spiritualism years ago Buddhism Zen Hinduism ect….
    In one day while meditating completely by accident I I became one with the universe. Now you have to understand that the totality of my being is just me. And all of a sudden in a very short. Of time I was connected to everything and knew everything what's the original me was a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of this new being. And it felt like dying. And I fled as if I was fleeing death. I think it's ironic that people read books about spiritualism and they want to better themselves they strive all their life to become one with the universe. when it finally happens they flee from it.

  4. First of all I'm all for it. I don't want a dumpster on your parade. Would you can take that fully and happy right out of your title. And you know it

  5. how do you train for this QM I am 67 and has had 2 strokes and PD but love life and giving a lady or woman an QM or train others to show the way to longer marriage relations I would do it

  6. Laughing is the best medicine to relax you and when you laugh like that when it's the first time you went to one of these classes that is all that built up tension in your heart just releasing, and it shows that you just keep all that goodness inside yourself (because of society am i correct? other people? you keep it in to not show them that happiness because some how they don't deserve it? that because they take openess and good as weakness?).

    When was the last time you ever laughed so much like that? and isn't it a huge relief when you do? don't keep it all trapped inside like that, i have a habit of doing this myself but i'm slowly learning to let go and not give a shit lol. If you want a lover don't settle for just any average bozo on the street like you tend to do becaise that is how you invite in bad people, find what your really looking for and find that someone who can be open to all of this with you, as you have seen it can be so much fun 🙂 happy times!.

  7. por favor depak faça algo em portugues,, porque muitos no Brasil gostam do seu trabalho mas nao consegue entende em ingles

  8. Very nice video.
    If you would like to learn meditation step by step visit my channel.
    Get rid of non wanted stress.

  9. What? No third eye being opened, no talk of the kundalini serpent at the base of the spine that is to rise up the 33 vertebrates to touch the pineal gland and be enlightened? Don't be fooled people the kundalini spirit is pure evil.

  10. I was a little disappointed they never talked about a kundalini awakening or the chakras, that was probably behind the scenes though right?

  11. Put a huge smile on my face! Loved this 🙂 I also love kundalini's power of getting you out of your own 'serious' bubble. The breathing and movements are all so freeing. Thanks for the reminder, will be getting my kundalini back on! Thank you TCW and Deepak for brightening up our world 😀

  12. I love how they burst into laughter mid session. I used to burst into laughter mid exercise when i first started kundalini yoga, it was so much fun, it made me feel like a kid again!! I love kundalini yoga 🙂

  13. My first Yoga experience was with Kundalini Yoga practice. I adore it. These videos are awesome 🙂 Thank you for sharing and enlightening!

  14. im sorry this is supposed to b spiritual but iman u made me laugh doin ur impression of sat-nam and the face u made omg so funny…….. but im glad ur goin through this to help urself through enlightenment

  15. I'm a yin yoga person. Kundalini to me is too bouncy (hence risking injury) and the breathing verges on hyperventilation. It just doesn't seem healthy, somehow, to me.

  16. My thing about anti-depressants is you get so used to using them that you can't feel happy without them. Then eventually you have to keep upping the milligram dosage because the original dosage just doesn't cut it anymore. I believe that a lot of people who feel depressed would benefit from a diet change. There are so many foods that stimulate the brain. I agree with the yoga though.

  17. I am close to taking anti-depressant. I don't want to. I am looking for ways to relax and manage my anxiety. Anyone going through something similar?

  18. I love the series and agree that i wish it was longer! I also love the VARIETY of mind/body/spirit activites being explored in this series!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how Iman and Natalie are just regular people who are experiencing this, but that they are also open to trying all these new things!

  19. I agree with the previous comment, that the video could have gone into more detail. Maybe it's just that kundalini has to be practiced for a longer time in order to experience tangible benefits.
    In this first session the novelty simply hadn't worn off and so it was experienced as funny. Maybe I'm being too serious. Maybe Iman's "Hakuna Matata" experience at 3:21+ may have been more one of joy than merely being "funny."

  20. I wish this video was a little longer. I really enjoy seeing the different practices on the show. But I feel like I didn't get to learn as much through this one. But I really do love this series!

  21. I love Kundalini Yoga. I have a fabulous teacher and I attend 2 classes a week. It doesn't show in the video but the exercises can be really tough especially when they are done 3 or 11 minutes…


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