Lets Play: Atum (What an AMAZING game)


So now I play Atum! This amazing game that makes “real” objects your tool in this out of the world game , by using a lighter and pointing it over the screen you can light the way for your character, or use a battery to power an electric engine to open a doorway. The game was made in 42 days! Incredible concept and a good way of getting a “feel” for what a game could be like a few years from now.

PS: Is this breaking the 4th wall?
Check out the game!
Vsauce video:
Vsauce :
Music from intro is right here:
Artist: Grant Bowtie (his music is AMAZING)
Song: The Boss
Link to his Channel:
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  1. found this free on the windows 10 store and I love it, it plays a lot like Flashback for the snes but the environmental interaction is a brilliant twist I love it
    the only fail is the short game play
    but I think if it was expanded it needs something to stop the repetitive nature of the puzzles

  2. The game doesn't end. On e you complete it, it takes you into a room that looks exactly the same and you continue playing forever. That's why when you finish, you see a bright white light.

  3. Don't worry, we won't sue you for using the music (the composer is very happy that his music is going around the world).
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Cat sex should bring more people together, it's such a beautiful thing, while also giving people heart attacks 😛


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