Lever Dungeon, Best Dungeon – Pirate101 Swashbuckler Walkthrough #17


Lever Dungeon, Best Dungeon – Pirate101 Swashbuckler Walkthrough
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  1. Idk if he still reads his comments but I absolutely loved this game, they need to revive Pirate101 and I think my max swashbuckler would agree

  2. Everyone Complains About How Pirate101 and Wizard101 But Its A Really Good Game I Always See Some Wizard101 Or Pirate101 Comment Like This "THIS GAME SUCKS YOU CANT PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP DONT PLAY IT!!!!" Yet Usually There People That Cant Ask Their Parents Or Afford For A Membership. -_-

  3. hi kv am a fan and I also play pirates I have two max a buck and a blucker so if yu want to pvp or help quest my buck is bloody austin blake my buckler name is brandon only brandon

  4. Blaze I would love to help u guys out. I got a lvl 62 swashbuckler and a max privateer. Pls I wanna help u guys out. I'm ur biggest fan

  5. Tips for that poison spell!
    -Max number of enemies you can hit is 7
    -Poison doesn't get rid of your invisibility when it deals damage
    -Stacks with other DoT (I think all DoT's stack, but still)
    -Does NOT get the bonus from invisibility
    -Add up the total damage to see how useful it is (ex: You hit 4 enemies, poison deals 43 damage for 3 rounds. That's 43*3*4= 516 overall damage!)

  6. Seeing at the lack of updates, the decrease of players (I think) and the fate of games like free realms, I wouldn't be surprised if Pirate101 shuts down eventually.

  7. you guys should use your ship speed boost. You can refill it with gold at any main dock in pirate. 😀 🙂

  8. Who here thinks Monquista will be a boss farming world like Aquila and Darkmoor in the future of Wizard101? i kinda think it might. Maybe for level 110+ gear?

  9. Could you guys go into depth more about the new skills/spells you acquire like you do in Wizard? Ik Ill be speaking for a good amount of people when I say that in the W101 walkthrough the spell quests are great to watch, but on P101 you guys kinda just avoid showing companion evolution and sometimes acquiring skills, like what even are your newest skills I don't get them at all..?

  10. ill give away my level 64 musketeer account for splended atire a mount, and 2.5k worth of packs. The musketeer has 5 crown companions and has open chat.

  11. All the starting companions are amazing not just Kan Po or his clone version all of them are good. Trust me just use Subodai and you'll see


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