LifeAfter: Manor Design – DOUBLE FOUNDATION Modern Kaufmann Style | Tutorial


We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us

Inspired by the Kaufmann House which is a house located in Palm Springs.
It was one of the last large-commission domestic projects designed, and also arguably one of most architecturally noteworthy and famous homes.

Featuring 2 bedroom, 3 living room, 4 balcony, 1 kitchen, 1 comfort room, 1 bar kitchen, 1 backyard, and 1 wide overview that makes your Manor standout! in the Levin Outskirts.

Start of Building: 05:32

Material Buillding Required: 514
Chinese style fence – 5
Floor – 264
Glass sliding door – 5
Glass window – 16
Glass floor – 4
Half wall – 8
High wall – 127
High elevator shaft – 3
Low wall – 77
Oriental low stairs – 4
Post – 10
Small rounded column – 5
Sloping wall 3 – 2
Window II-type – 1
Window III-type – 4
Window IV-type – 7
Window L-type – 3
Window K (Mahogany) – 13

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How to build?
Since selling of BLUEPRINT for Double foundation are still unavailable, I cannot sell/draw a blueprint to sell it on a Trade City. Kindly wait for future updates.

Watch this video and set the playback speed to 0.5x then follow what exactly I am doing.

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  1. You should build another club with a restaurant next to it on The double manor foundation lmao XD if u will lmk thank you🙏

  2. Dude this is insane. Binge watching you're vids including you're no formula ones and I gotta say it gives one inspiration to blueprint some manor designs. I never knew I could place certain building parts like that. Thanks for that! 😀

  3. I like ur design bro make cool design bro for elevator double manor.. with alot of space and big rooms hahahah


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