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The Mercedes S-Class has always been the best luxury car, the standard setter, the vehicle by which all other luxury limousines are judged. The current model has been around since 2014, so is it still the market leader when it comes to comfort and technology, or has the BMW 7 Series made it look old fashioned. I get behind the wheel of an S350 diesel to find out in this video of the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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  1. I drive a Honda so I can be pretty objective. How on earth would anyone choose a Audi/Volkswagen over a MERCEDES S-class? Are you crazy? 😮

  2. Tesla's infotainment system outclasses everyone else's it's not funny, not to mention Tesla's autopilot is so much more advanced than anyone elses.

  3. My family has this car, the diffrence in our car is that interior is black and it has exclusive black leather and rear entertainment with screen, the car get more cheaper of you go to germany for the purchase

  4. Really annoyed they Mercedes nicked the lovely understated air vents from my early model Rolls Royce ..then to make sure you could see them ..Mercedes whacked four right in the middle of the dash.

  5. Here in Sri Lanka, my Benz E class costs more than the S class(compared to other countries). 300% tax man, life sucks here.

  6. The exhaust on the v8 models is dual tip exhaust right out the rear bumper. Not sure why they did a faux exhaust on the diesel. That is odd

  7. Someone please fix the position of the hood ornament. The most aggravating thing is when people drive a Benz with a wonky hood star.

  8. British admiring a german superior technology, poetic justice. By the way, best car reviews you can get on you tube. Great job!

  9. i would like to buy a new choices are BMW 7 SERIES & Mercedes- benz S class.
    which one is the best ?
    help me with your valuable suggestion


  10. It seems most right-hand drive cars have got the steering-wheel or pedals offset. Maybe it's done on purpose so that Brits get discouraged from left-hand traffic 🙂


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