MMORPGs & Games I Actually Play & Recommend


What MMOs & Games Do I Actually Play & Enjoy? What Games Am I Looking Forward To?
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In this video I talk about all the different games I actually play and enjoy in my spare time, not related to video making, games that I actually think are worth playing, this includes a wide range of games from different genres including MMORPG, MOBA, RPG, Single Player, Rhythm Games and a look at some new upcoming games that I’m looking forward to in 2020 and beyond!

What games do you think are actually worth playing? what would your own list look like? let me know in the comments below and maybe It’ll help other people discover some great new games to play.

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—Video Description—

Games Included in this video

-What I’m playing right now-
1: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord
2: Old School Runescape
3: Runescape 3
4: Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4
5: Dota 2
6: New World Test
7: Beat Sabre
8: Archeage New SEA Server
9: Mordhau

-Games I will revisit for new expansion-
1: World Of Warcraft Shadowlands
2: Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor
3: Guild Wars 2 New Expansion

– New Upcoming Games I’m Gonna Play-
1: Ashes Of Creation
2: Elyon
3: Crimson Desert
4: Blue Protocol
5: Cyberpunk 2077
6: Ghosts Of Tsushima
7: Diablo 4
8: Path Of Exile 2

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MMORPGs & Games I Actually Play & Recommend


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  1. Hi, of all the MMOs and multiplayer games you've played, is there any of them that had enjoyable leveling content in the way Warcraft Classic or Everquest does it?

  2. How about the Lotro? As they gave up free coupon for all the game non-expansion zones? The lore and their dedication to made the game by the book it's a pretty epic, also for Lotr fans to meet the characters like gandalf, frodo…

  3. Very nice to see your enjoying RuneScape 3 still. Enjoy, and hopefully you can enjoy the PVE mechanics as much as I do 😁

  4. Been playing the NA version of pso2, the launch hasn't gone well technically due to the microsoft store bugs, but once you do solve all those issues and get into the game its been fantastic. All I can say is use the fan made launcher pso2 tweaker (and get the xbox companion app from the micro store) if you intend to play.

  5. Don't bother returning to ESO the performance has gotten far worse, the new content the chapter is a joke and glorified app mini game.They have been talking about "improving" performance for over a year now and it has only gotten significantly worse. This game is no longer worth anybody's time or money.

  6. I agree it's a love and hate relationship with BDO. It's my first ever MMO and I've been playing for two years. I finally got to end game gear and a doom horse and now I don't know what to do. I could go for pen armors but I just don't have the time for a very long commitment. I love the game but once you hit 289ap+ that's when the real grind starts for the next big gains.

  7. The hit boxes on mordhau is terrible, I love everything else about the game, but just even hitting someone is an achievement.

  8. Will you do a follow up video about the game Oath? I was super excited for it but its starting to sound like it might be another scam crowdfunded game.

  9. I remember you did a video on Warframe. Did you ever check out the Empyrean update? I haven't played in a while and I plan on checking it out now. 😁 I didn't successfully play it long term before, but I do miss some of the frames and co-op sessions.

  10. quick beat saber related question what headset do u recommend for it as im thinking of investing some money into a vr headset and will get that game when i do:D(and do the motion controllers come with the headset?)

  11. 5:34 using vidyas to lose weight is great and all but just try a keto diet and intermittent fasting. you dont even need to exercise, just avoid carbs/sugar like the plague

  12. I have very much the same problems with ARPGs/isometric camera RPGs. However I find it a LOT better with a controller. If you can swing it, try using a controller.

  13. so i play Dota 2 and Ark but have started to play Satisfactory and well can't seem to stop playing that one, try it! it's fun xD


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