My $57,175 Pot Against Phil Hellmuth And Jeremy Kaufman!


I had an amazing weekend in Philadelphia and the Sugarhouse Casino. I set out to do some commentary on the filming of Poker Night in America, but on the first night, I was able to hop in the game myself. Although the blinds were 25/50, it played much bigger, as there were tons of straddles and some very deep stacks. Today I go over the biggest hand played that night, which involved myself, Phil Hellmuth, and the exuberant business man Jeremy Kaufman.

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As always, Doug breaks down each street of action. Poker Hands is the show where Doug analyzes live poker hands from tv poker shows such as Poker After Dark, EPT (European Poker Tour), High Stakes Poker, the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the Aussie Millions, WPT (World Poker Tour) the Big One For One Drop, and the PCA (Pokerstars Carribean Adventure). He especially enjoys reviewing hands by popular high stakes pros like Viktor “Isildur” Blom, Ike Haxton, Dan Cates (Jungleman), Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, and OtB_RedBaron.



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  1. Will see you guys tomorrow for the Mike Interview. Also Make sure to head over to and that follow button so you don't miss Fridays stream.

  2. Lmao hellmuth went all in with K4 preflop ??? Idc if they were suited that's a donkey move and he has no right calling out other players

  3. I enjoy your videos. Thank you. (and here comes the "but")…BUT…they would be better if you did not phrase EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE as a question…Thanks

  4. Great stuff, Phil has that "who can I borrow some money from" look on his face after the hand is over, He once had a Target bag that he had his money in for rebuys and somebody said " Is that where you keep the K-Y jelly in for hands like that? classic

  5. How did helmouth still get cards after he went all in and lost? Don’t make sense does he just automatically win when he loses?

  6. Where would hellmuth be today if he didnt have his worn out old reputation and charity appearance fees. Broke lol he probably cant beat any games at this point

  7. Hellmuth Negreanu Ivey , and indeed none of the best players in the world have ever beaten me , not even close , because I am a fucken fish and will never play them

  8. Dougs first bet i thought 800 but I said 900 (because I am always short) and he raised 875. I was close. After phils all in I suck at poker and don't want 3 way action even with Kings (yes I suck) and so I was thinking betting more than the pot to isolate Phil and get money. I was wrong. After the flop I would have still been trying to isolate and kick kaufman out so bet like 13k. I still believe I was wrong (cuz I trust Doug understands this better than me.. I guess 3 way freaks me out) "and yea a q or 10 is difficult for me" BUT!!! "i am still gonna have a set" which is what I didnt consider. (free lessons).. on the turn 6… I am betting 13k. I want the pot. (paused to see what Doug does) he bet 6k lol… and they thought it was large!.. ok.. paused and waiting to see the "big moves". ok i saw the end. was it a good semi bluff? I will watch the rest now and will learn about that. Thanks Doug.

  9. I’m fairly new to poker, and reading about all the RNG on online poker makes me laugh when I see hands like this…. AQ KK 88 T9 all of clubs…. the cards just have a mind of their own haha

  10. Can somebody tell me how commentators know what cards they have? Like i know back then they showed a hidden camera but not they dont

  11. I am having a hard time why you say Kim should call a raise with 88. She would need at least 8 to 1 to call and she is in multiway, which can spell disaster for her, as someone can easily have a top pocket pair, which is exactly the case here. Nothing wrong with Kim's conservative limp fold here imo.


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