NAUGHTY OR NICE? | Krampus – Christmas Horror Game [FULL GAME]


You play as a teenager, who along with his family went to a country house to celebrate Christmas. But in the festive night something went wrong.

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  1. Looking for the complete movie. Go to Google and type: "CineHub4U" you can enjoy the full film right there.

  2. when I pressed E.S.C and u found the duck it said: theres a fuck…i'll throw I fucking said there was a duck in the bath.

  3. minx if you dont know krampus is like santa but he beats kids with branches or stuff like that to the naughty kids i know this becuase of the christmas episode of american dad i forgot witch episode

  4. Minx! you should play until dawn! also, I'm doing art commissions for you tubers, you game? no fee or anything, just drawings I'll post on Instagram

  5. Did anyone else see Krampus the movie on Christmas last year? If so what did you think? I thought the ending could have been better.


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