Nudgemaster Game


Universal Amusement is the Exclusive Distributor of the approved Nudgemaster Games by The State of Michigan. Michigan Approved games may be placed in restaurants, Gas station, Bowling alleys, Bars and Nightclubs and any type of business you may own. These games play similar to casino style slot machines but the payoff is in the form of a debit card. This requirement along with additional special requirements and equipment setting standards, set by the State of Michigan, allows the Nudgemaster Games to be legally placed in your establishment. This is a great way to bring in new customers and keep them and your present customers coming back. Beware, there are other companies distributing these types of games, that are brought in from other states and have not been certified for use in Michigan. Contact Universal Amusement for your entertainment needs.


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  1. I remember making hundreds off of these. I've seen them but the version is upgraded. It doesn't have the "View next play" Button. There's still got to be a way to beat it. The upraded version is 4.10.(2).148

  2. We need to find out if the other individuals who distributed who are not universal amusement is legally displaying the game

  3. I know is game inside out, over and under…have just started a nudgemaster account on and will be posting where they r located in MI, and GA, where they r also legal…

  4. looking for anybody that plays the michigan nudgemaster in michigan, i been trying to beat this game, i think this game has some glitches in the commputer wher you can win big, anybody out there who can help, maybe meet up at a local bar that has this machine, and share info, i would pay for any,,,,l m k


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