Official Review – BamWheels – Suzuki Hustler – A Car? A Mini SUV? A Minivan?


The car was provided with courtesy of Al-Rauf which is one of the oldest & most reputable used car dealership in Karachi for both Japanese & locally used cars. This car is currently up for sale over there, you can follow their facebook page to check their entire inventory :

Official Review of Suzuki Hustler by OmerArshad of BamWheels. This review covers all the details & its features and a brief test drive.

Hustler is a 660cc Kei car which was launched only for Japanese Market in 2013. The car was an instant success and they sold close to 100,000 cars in the first year only. in 2015 the car received best car of the year award in its category.

Currently the price of one of these is around 1.3 mil for unregistered one and a registered one would cost around 1.15 to 1.2 mil

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  1. If you wish to watch Urdu version of this review then please visit this link:

  2. I'm American and we can fit cars like this in our trunks. LOL! I would still kind of like to have this as a practical toy car though.

  3. Umar bhai drive krty hoye ap ny screen ko pakar k Kia krna.leave it man.
    Well nice and informative review .wish u nest of luck

  4. Kahan se mini-SUV hai yeh? Back pe 3rd passenger k liy b compromising space hai or bootspace b choti c hai Its absolutely a hatchback car. And 6:01 yeh to mzaq hi kia hai kahan rkhega koi "snacks and stuff like that"? Jabky wo puri pulley bn jati hai

  5. Salam Sir. PlZ make an owber review on honda civic 2005 model manual version. I jusst want to hear the positive and negative point of view of the owner about the car. Kindly.

  6. I love kei cars but can hardly get any recent videos in English on them. Thanks for these reviews. Much love from Florida in the US. I wish I could buy these tiny cars here lol


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