Paladins Multiplayer Beta Ps4 Stream 3 – BooJayBar Gaming – Viktor Drogoz Skye Ruckus – lets play


Welcome to a live ps4 gameplay lets play of Paladins multiplayer free to play beta, this is a lets play live stream trying out some new characters Viktor, Ruckus, Drogoz, Skye and more. Which do you prefer let us know in the comment section Paladins or Overwatch.

BooJayBar Gaming is a child friendly channel, I have 3 children myself so I know how important it is to be child friendly in my Lets Play videos. The only games there may be mature content is in the video games that are rated 16 or 18 plus, which your little ones shouldn’t be watching!!! I play many games such as Trove, The Tomorrow Children, StarDew valley, Battlefield 1 Minecraft, The latest Playstation Plus games, demos, Rpg games, Indie games and every game possible. You can expect lots of lets plays, live streams and demos and if we are lucky some early access betas. We love interacting with our viewers and subscribers so please feel free to add us on PSN Boo-Bar.
Family gaming Channel with ps4 games, Funny videos, Live streams and lets play of lots of games 🙂 🙂
Lots of videos for the tomorrow children lets play videos of trove any many more.


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