Pinball Nudging Skills Basics


Very basic nudging skills video I threw together. Action is slowed down around 30% to make it easier to follow.

– When the ball is heading for the inlane/outlane area, nudge forward off the top of the sling or inlane post. Your goal is not to bump it into the inlane, but to just get it out of that area entirely.

– When the ball is heading for the middle, nudge left/right.

– Left/right nudging is more dangerous than forward nudging. You are more likely to get a warning or Tilt.

– Practice using just enough force to save the ball but not generate a tilt. Set your game up with a loose tilt and then gradually tighten it over days/weeks.

For more detailed information about nudging check out Pinball 101 (rentable on youtube).

The two players in the video are Walter Hurwitz and Andrei Massenkoff of the Bay Area Pinball Association.


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  1. Nudge, Nudge, No You Don't!
    Great Snip, i have a good Buddy, Who is The King of this Subject an He involves his Legs for Power Bumps and Death Saves, all the while keeping a cool, unstressed posture.
    Beauty Mate, Unreal Stuff.

  2. I've always came across pinball machines when I was a kid. Now I can't find a real pinball machine. I'm playing Werewolf pinball on my Switch and It's not satisfying!

  3. I end up with major bruises on my palms when I forward nudge… maybe the carpet grabs the feet of the machines in my basement too much. I should probably invest in some coasters.

  4. Were tilts put into the game to actually advance gameplay and make nudging a little bit harder to do or were pinball companies actually against players nudging and put them in to try and stop them?

  5. I've noticed the spin on the ball can have a large effect on the efficacy of nudging. If the ball has a clockwise spin and is headed for the right outlane, for example, a forward nudge on the right side of the machine is perfect off the slingshot but not always a good idea off the lane post. Any pinheads got more tips on how to adjust your nudges based on the spin of the ball?

  6. There is ….get a very large magnet and catch the ball before it drains…ive done this just playing around….bumping and nudging does help….I always use to slap the machine and hit the flipper at the same time…

  7. there is no magic one way to nudge that will save the ball every time. every time the ball goes towards the outlane it takes a different kind or series of nudges to keep it from going out. even the pros do just what you said "nudge the ball right into the outline" a lot. you can practice all you want but you can never cure the outlane drain. The most you can do is decrease the frequency at which it happens. 🙂

  8. I can never nudge right to stop the ball from going into the out lane. Sometimes I nudge the ball right into the outer lane 🙁 There's gotta be a way to stop the ball from getting eaten

  9. I can't do nudging. When I nudge, it's like nudging a vending machine or refrigerator. I seen some people use their hips as leverage. The other thing is when I try to nudge, it has no effect on the ball or it traveled so fast it beats my reaction time.


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