Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery: Gortez

“Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue’s Gallery. Subject, Gortez

Born in a poor, backward corner of Monquista, Gortez was born to commoners, the son of a stonemason. Gortez ran away from home at an early age, drawn by the call of adventure and destiny. Extraordinarily cunning and strong (even for a Gorilla), Gortez won his first fame as a mercenary. Over several years, his merit earned him a place among the nobility as a Monquistador, a hero about whom songs were sung all over Monquista.

Gortez’s humble beginnings left him with little patience for the pleasantries and intrigues of Monquistan society: chafing under the immense weight of expectation and etiquette, Gortez spent most of his time in the field, conquering new lands for the glory of Monquista.

In recent months, Gortez turned his sights on the darkest corner of Skull Island; the Isle of Doom. The gorilla marches into the deepest jungle at the head of his elite, hand-picked legion of Monquistadors. He has yet to return…

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